Music Spotlight: Tyler Humber

By: Nick Travis

Downtown exploits, heartbreak and hangovers is the subject of a local singer-songwriter’s newest single


Nineteen-year-old Tyler Humber recently released a single called Victim of Last Night, in which he recounts more than a few drunken misadventures. The Herald met him at Bridie Molloy’s to talk about the young songwriter’s life. 

Recovery & reflection

Most can relate to the chorus of Tyler Humber’s new single, Victim of Last Night. Many of us have vague memories of a Saturday night of drinking and mistakes, only to be rewarded with a hellishly painful Sunday of recovery and reflection. 

Humber decided one day while in the library of the College of the North Atlantic to share his personal misadventures through song.

“The school got closed down early because there was threats [to CNA] and stuff like that going on. One time I got locked in the library and I was like, ‘I’m gonna write a song!’  I was kind of like, ‘Well what do I know?’ I know drinking, and I know heartbreak and hangovers. So that’s what I base it on.”

Humber, originally of Pouch Cove, now living in Flatrock, has always been surrounded by music. 

His family on his mother’s side is The Martin Family band, who are well-known within the Irish music community. Humber claims they were a big inspiration for his own music, and partying lifestyle he covers in songs. 

“Pretty much my whole life I’ve been exposed to only Irish music, and I didn’t really gravitate towards it until last year,” Humber shared. “I picked up the guitar and started learning so I could play along. It’s really fun to kind of play along with family. It’s just always been a part of my life.  


“You know I wasn’t a kid getting loaded,” laughed Humber when asked about the drinking and partying, “but I was exposed to it.”

Humber explains that his song is an accurate retelling of personal experiences. 

In one verse he sings about spying a fair maiden, only to have it turn out to be an ex-girlfriend. Although in the song, he is unaware the fair maiden he spied is his ex, in reality he was a bit more aware of what he was getting into.

“A lot of times I’ll know it’s her but I’ll kinda glance at her like, you know, ‘She’s looking good today!’ joked Humber, “but then realize she’s my ex, I can’t go talking to her.”

Not slowing down

With one song already released Humber has no plans on slowing down. He shared with The Herald that he is working on more songs, as well as some material with his band, Far East. 

“I’d love to do an album – it’s very costly to do an album,” laughed Humber. “And just getting money from gigs is not very… lucrative. But yeah, I’m working on a couple songs. The band I’m in is working on a song right now. The band is actually thinking about putting out an EP, like four or five songs. But yeah, I’m working on one for another single.”

At only 19, Tyler Humber has plenty of songs left in him, and plenty more downtown misadventures to share in the future.

Humber’s first single, Victim of Last Night, can be found on Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, and Apple Music. His band, Far East, can be found on their Facebook page.

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