NL Growlers: Meet Marcus Power

Marcus Power

 Marcus Power doesn’t miss a beat. He’s excited for the playoffs and it shows.  “It’s exciting this time of year and it’s really fun to be a part of it. And we’re just hoping we can bring the (Kelly) Cup home again this year.” 

Power has been playing with (James) Melindy, (Zach ) O’Brien and (Todd) Skirving for three seasons now. Does that make a difference, we ask? “Having some familiar faces around and then us being the older guys on the team helps. We’re trying to mentor the younger guys and make sure they’re comfortable and create that winning culture. And I think we’re doing a pretty good job with that so far,” he said. 

  The fans have noticed, it seems. “We got a lot of loyal fans so that’s great to see. And we’ve had a few Saturday nights here where the place is rocking, so we’re hoping to see that in the playoffs because it definitely matters. When the building is loud and you can hear that the fans are behind you, it’s great,” he said.” 

Power had known Buddy the Puffin (Chris Abbott) pretty much all his life. The loss was “tough,” he said.“That was heartbreaking. We’d see him every morning and he was just so happy and so joyful and I would see him and you just yell out to him and he’d yelled back. He was just such a loving, joyful guy, and I can’t really put it into words how much he’s missed out here.” 


 Power had a setback this season and had sat out a few games tending to an injury. How’s he feeling? “I’m taking it day by day as this is my seventh concussion overall, so it’s been pretty hard. You do have a life after hockey so you try to do the right things and hopefully I’ll be back for playoffs.”

  While an injury is a setback, he still says he had a great season. One highlight? “The first game we played back down here (Mary Brown’s Centre). Getting back into this building was awesome. We really missed playing down here. CBS were great to us and they treated us really well, but getting back was incredible.” 

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