NL Students to Compete in Red Bull Can You Make it Competition

Three local students from Memorial University have been selected to represent Canada at the international Red Bull Can You Make it Competition.

Myranda Bursey, Laura Hillier and Cassidy Welsh are fourth-year biology students at Memorial University, who go by the team name Biohazards, and have been tasked as one of three Canadian teams who must trek across Europe wit nothing more than two dozen cans of Red Bull.

No cash, credit cards, or phones. Just 24 cans of Red Bull.

The Biohazards are three of 200 students across 60 countries that will take part in the seven day competition. The teams will be flown in to Stockholm Sweden, where they must make it to Amsterdam, over 1,400 km away.

The accomplished winning team will get the experience of a lifetime, earning an immersive once-in-a-lifetime experience with Destination Red Bull.

Meet the Biohazards below:


21. Fourth Year Biology Student. Aspiring dentist- may take another 20 years to get there.
Is traveling to Europe with only Red Bull as currency-forced to beg for food…. is lactose intolerant.
When not doing some form of Biology, you can find her obessing over her cats, watching every TV show there is, and googling her next travel destinations (all while supposed to be studying).
If her team mates allowed it, she would spend all of her Red Bull on one coffee….or one glass of sangria.


21, Fourth Year Biology Student
Aspiring veterinarian – will probably become one before she even makes it to Amsterdam
Is backpacking across Europe with only Red Bull as currency – having separation anxiety from her parents credit card and may be found stress ugly crying that she will be a week without any guaranteed amenities.
When not doing some form of Biology, you can see her with a full face of makeup in the middle of the African savannah, hanging with her sidekick and co-pilot dog, studying or obsessing over rhinos.
She loves meeting new humans (or living beings), then proceeding to low-key stalk them on social media, and travelling to new places, but would trade it all for a good face moisturizer.


22. Fourth Year Biology Student. Aspiring doctor- will probably never make it and travel for the rest of her life. Is traveling to Europe with only Red Bull as currency- no personal phone… has not put her phone down since 2005. Is followed by Justin Bieber on twitter.
When not doing some form of Biology, you can find her travelling somewhere on the globe, stuffing her face with food, or planning her life with 15 dogs.
Loves people and making new friends, but would trade it all for Cool Ranch Doritos.
Support the Biohazards and help boost their social score by following them at their official Facebook and Instagram pages. For more on the team and the event visit the official event website.

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