One woman’s journey to be seen as ‘normal’ takes her and her family on an interesting journey, one that involves lights, cameras and loads of ‘TLC’ 


If Mount Pearl’s Adrianna Harris had any skeletons lurking in her proverbial closet, the door has been swung wide open thanks to a new TLC reality series airing in January, Hot & Heavy. Why would a home-grown gal, proudly raised in Labrador, agree to such a thing? Harris laughs. 


She’s been sharing her life with the world via Instagram, she opens, and she’s certainly not shy. But the real reason why is much more deeply rooted. 

Adrianna & Ricardo at home (Adrianna Harris, Ricardo Thompson)

“I guess the reason that I signed up for the show is because as a young girl, I definitely always had a lot of attention surrounding my body. I wanted to reach those young girls who probably think the way that I thought back then who might be watching the show.”

Harris says she wants to ‘normalize’ her life, and the life of others like her in what is being called ‘mixed weight’ relationships. 

“I want to model a great relationship and show people that we do exist and we live normal lives like anybody else.” 

Instagram has played an interesting role in the life Harris now lives. It’s how she met her husband, Ricardo Thompson, and it’s also how TLC reached out to her, encouraging her to audition for the series. 


Filming took place in and around the city of St. John’s, which was a different yet eye-opening experience. 

“I’m used to kind of just being ignored by the public. We live a very low-key life, but it was definitely also a really cool experience.” There were downsides. 

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“I was downtown just enjoying a day with my boyfriend and somebody called ‘moo’ at me and called me a cow and said ‘lay off the ice cream’. I had this high expectation that Newfoundlanders are super nice people. It was really hard for me to experience that from somebody publicly, especially here. I expected to deal with such harsh comments elsewhere but not in Newfoundland. That was something that really took a toll on me. Guess I learned that it can really happen anywhere.”

What does she hope viewers take away from this show? She just wants to be seen as normal, she shares. 


“I really hope that people just learn that anyone can just be in a normal relationship. Ricardo loves me for the person that I am. We live normal lives just like anybody else,” she says.

“I want people to understand that we do have our struggles like everybody has struggles. My goal is to just normalize our kind of relationship.”

Adrianna & Ricardo Bowling (Adrianna Harris, Ricardo Thompson, Eli Thompson)

While folks in their inner circle were skeptical about her involvement, those who love her most say they think it’s a great idea and are proud of her for stepping outside her comfort zone. 

“It’s not this fake dramatic thing, it’s real life. I think my friends and family saw the positive outcomes. I think that I honestly grew a lot as a person having had this experience.”

Some have criticized the show for being yet another reality series exploiting stars for their differences. Harris disagrees. ‘‘Just give it a chance,’’ she says. 

“I think a lot of people are just jumping to conclusions on what the show is actually about based on a trailer that is meant to grab people’s attention. I don’t want people to view it as us just glorifying obesity, as people have said, and thinking that we’re being exploited because it really just was not about that at all.”

The situations depicted in the show really happen, she says, and giving such happenings exposure is a good thing. 

“The goal is to show that we go through stuff that a lot of other relationships don’t. Don’t judge a book by its cover and give it a chance.”

Harris, for one, is proud of what she’s accomplished. 

“Everyone might actually really learn something from this show because overall it was a really positive thing.”

‘Hot & Heavy’ airs January 7 on TLC at 11:30 P.M. For more on Adrianna Harris, follow @aemilyharris on Instagram.

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4 thoughts on “NL’s Adrianna Harris on TLC’s Hot & Heavy

  1. January 9, 2020

    I just want to say, i love a man like Ricardo. He isnt afraid to stand up for his woman, and a beautiful woman he has! Im not a bigger girl, right the opposite. But i always get snotty comments from the other wives we have events with. Ive never had any type of eating disorder, i eat what i want to eat when I want. You would be surprised at the criticism small women get from other females. I love this couple! They will endure!

  2. Anonymous
    January 21, 2020

    You need to find that ignorant loser who called her a cow and publish his name and let that prick get his just desserts!

  3. Lisa B
    January 23, 2020

    I think that the show it’s supposed to have good intentions but I’m not sure if the people filming at our seeing the image that the producers are giving. Instead of just focusing on people being happy regardless of size there’s all these little side conversations on the show about family members making fun of people and all this talk about everyone getting bariatric surgery. I think people are looking past the fact that people are just in love and they’re not focused on what the other person looks like they think they’re beautiful or handsome or whatever and they’re not trying to do anything except love each other. I am A full figured woman I find the show kind of insulting to be honest The show comes across as the men have to try and prove to everybody that it’s OK to laugh at people

  4. Manuela Benoit
    June 29, 2021

    People need to stop body shaming anyone whether skinny or fat or tall or short. Being fat is not easy. Many causes of obesity are beyond our control. 80% of fat women have been sexually abused at some point in their lives. They seek comfort in food. Sleep apnea is another huge contributer. Heredity is another factor. Thyroid and other health issues often play a part. Unfortunately I have all. Don’t stand a chance. Peoples comments are wickedly cruel. You don’t know us so don’t judge us.

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