Nothing On Productions Present Noises Off

NOISES OFF has been 12 years in the making for local theatre company! 

Nothing On Productions is a theatre group based in St. John’s with a mandate to have fun and get people out to the theatre! Their motto is “Life is better when you’re laughing!”

With Michael Frayn’s NOISES OFF, the group feels it has a real hit that will excite St. John’s area audiences! 

It is also a kind of coming home for company partners: Katherine Elliott, Jill Kennedy, and Janet O’Reilly. In May 2006, the group put together a more compact version of the show with the Beothuck Street Players. In 2018, the stars have aligned and they are putting off the show that brought them all together.

Even the company name comes directly from the Noises Off script! Noises Off is a play about a play; the play within the play is called Nothing On.

“Everyone involved in this production has given a lot of heart, a lot of energy, and a lot of laughs. We know that anyone who comes to see this show will leave with a smile of their face and pain in their belly from laughing out loud,” shares director Janet O’Reilly.

“We have been rehearsing this script for a number of weeks now but we are still laughing our way through rehearsals,” adds Katherine Elliott, producer.

The third member of the company, Jill Kennedy has been unable to contain her excitement. “This backstage comedy is a known play amongst comic actors and we can’t wait to bring you our version of Noises Off! It is a show that never seems to get old and every actor can relate to it.”

“So far, the most difficult part of this production has been trying to choose from the many good actors who came out to audition,” mused Janet O’Reilly, “We have put together a really great team, on and off the stage!” 

Since its inception with their inaugural production of The God of Carnage in November 2011, Nothing On Productions has strived to be known for the professional quality of their work, the calibre of their acting and the high production values.

Noises Off runs at the LSPU Hall from May 24 to 26, 2016 8PM with a Sunday, May 27th Matinee. Tickets are available at the RCA Box Office 709-753-4531 Ext.200 or visit (Reserved Seating).

*Press Release and Photos Courtesy of Nothing On Productions

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