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Robin Lush of Decorating Den Interiors shares her passion just in time for the holidays


Robin Lush specializes in transformations, and just a few moments spent with this passionate, creative designer provides comfort that the hands one are in are more than capable. 

Got the go to know how

“If you can dream it, or even if you have a difficult time envisioning it, we can create it. I’m here for that client who wants a full room redesign, whether it’s their kitchen, their bath, a living room, master bedroom, or even a spare room. If you want to do a full overhaul, I’m your go to,” she opens enthusiastically.

For everything from colour palette to furniture and fabrics; she’s got the skills, knowhow, and contacts.

“I want to know what someone likes. How they live. The sort of styles they lean towards. I ask a bunch of questions. For the people who think, ‘oh, my goodness. I don’t know what I like.’ We’ll get there. Don’t worry about that.”

Lush thrives on anyone looking for a full overhaul.

“I love putting together a full design, from the furnishings to the fabrics, every thing’s custom. The window treatments, that art on the wall, the accessories; it’s all down to the final detail. At the end it’s like, ‘oh, it’s done. It’s finished.’ Just enjoy the creation.”

Enjoy the creation

Her favourite thing a client has said to her is; ‘this room is so me.’

“My biggest goal when I’m working with people is that the room represents who they are,” she says.

Lush worked with The Herald on this year’s Christmas cookbook, setting her sights on everything from tree decorating and chair placement to food plating. Lush laughs when asked if a little bit of her own style crept into the design.

“Personally, mine is more of the eclectic style, which is a little bit of a catch all, but it’s because I love a bit of everything. I spend a lot of time at antique shops downtown. I love getting a vintage piece or an antique sideboard or antique dining table set. I like to mix that in with some of the more updated pieces that aren’t quite as ornate or finicky or detailed so that it doesn’t become one overall theme,” she shares.

The thing about design or decorating is you want to feel as if, overall, the things around you were curated over a lifetime. “You want to tell a story. None of us are just one sided in our tastes or in the way we live or in experiences that we’ve had. We like to have a little bit of everything. So I think the best design is really something that incorporates all things.”

That’s what she tried to share in this year’s Cookbook.

“I think Christmas is really a chance to do things off the cuff. It’s not something that’s going to be there forever, just for a few weeks, so enjoy yourself and have fun. Whatever brings you joy, especially during the holiday seasons, Christmas time is all about celebrating, having fun.”

Creative minds

As much as she’d like her own tree to ‘be perfect,’ there’s wiggle room.

“I love my tree to be colour coordinated, but I also love when I go to people’s houses and they have family trees where every bulb is different. I think it’s just about absolutely what you like and what makes you happy.”

And who can’t be happy when surrounded by all things Christmas? “I’m a huge fan of Christmas. When Judy Stirling came in, I’d never met her before, but I knew she’s part of The Herald’s family and she was simply a hoot and a half. Full on glamorous gowns and tiaras at ten in the morning? I love it,” she laughs.

Danielle Butt’s passion for Christmas matched Lush’s own. “I strung popcorn and poured glasses of Screech to set the stage, making sure everything looked great, to have a traditional, homey feel for the photos, and Danielle was just so in her element. She’s such a natural.”

Sara Rostotski took the photos, and everyone there bounced ideas off one another. “Everyone was super easy to work with and just fabulous. All these creative minds came together, it was just a meeting of the merry minds.”

Of course, that day was all about the food, and there was so much to plate – and sample.

“Cookies, sweets and desserts. Oh, my goodness. Absolutely amazing. There were the to-die-for snowballs and really amazing cheesecakes. The ham. The turkey. Judy went off with the turkey leg. Absolutely amazing and fun day.”

Lush says, like our readers, she waiting for the recipes inside this year’s Cookbook. “Trust me. You’re gonna want to bake everything in there, cook everything in there and you won’t be disappointed with how it turns out.”

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