OZFM Summer Cruiser Team

With more fun than you can shake a stick at, and with prizes galore, the 2018 OZFM Summer Cruiser Team is getting ready to hit the road


What’s not to love about summer? With good weather (hopefully), amazing scenery as a backdrop (guaranteed), fabulous friends (ya knows), rockin’ tunes (without-a-doubt, thanks to OZFM), and great cash n’ prizes thanks to OZFM’s Summer Cruiser Team, 2018 is gearing up to be the best yet!

Becky Daley, Asha Whiteway and Mitchel Snelgrove, the excited Cruiser Team for summer 2018, met each other hours before their frenzied – but totally fun (leaf-blower-blown hair aside) – photo shoot for their Herald Winners Circle cover. 

“This is incredible,” Daley exclaimed as she took a moment to step away from the camera’s flash to chat. “We’ve just met and already we’re getting along great. We’re sharing clothes and having a laugh. I’m excited to spend more time together.”

Whiteway smiles. “I was very excited when I heard the news. When I didn’t hear back right away, I was very nervous. I was really hoping this would be the year,” she begins. And so far, being part of the Cruiser Team has been a dream come true, she adds. 

“It’s already been really fun and this is day one! Mitchel and Becky seem like friendly, outgoing people, so I’m really looking forward to having a fun summer with them both, and I’m looking forward to meeting new people,” she says.

As the lone male of the group, Snelgrove, says he’s eager to see this beautiful province of ours from the OZFM Cruiser. “This summer will be the best ever. I can feel it,” he says with a smile.

Snelgrove says that being a part of this team “has been a long time coming.” 

“I’ve followed the Cruiser teams of the past as this has been a dream of mine.  Everyone who knows me is really excited for me, and I’m looking forward to the summer and to get out to all these great events. The girls are great, our personalities go well together and I’m just really looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing more of this beautiful province of ours.”

Cruiser Team Inspiration

Daley agrees. “My cousin, Katelyn Budgell, was part of the Cruiser Team two years ago, and it looked  really incredible. I saw how much fun she had meeting new people, making people happy giving them money and prizes, and I knew I wanted to be part of that fun too,” she says.

While Whiteway has plans to join the RCMP down the road, for now, giving away cash and prizes is as great as it gets. “I just want to have as much fun as possible with this great team,” she says.

It’s time for a wardrobe change, and everyone laughs. An inside joke already? Snelgrove explains: “I just found out 24 hours ago about this photo shoot. I told my mom and mom went; ‘oh no! I have to iron all your clothes!’ And the girls came in here and threw all their clothes down everywhere, and my clothes are all neat and tidy on hangers. Gotta love moms!”

Besides the very enthusiastic and fun 2018 Cruiser Team, it really is all about the prizes! Besides the cash, swag and concert tickets, OZFM is thrilled to offer some great Winners Circle incentives from our sponsors. Free day passes from Splash n’ Putt, free cotton candy from Thomas Amusements, opportunities to win cash from NL Classifieds, a chance to win a prize basket from CBDC and money off a hair cut at First Choice Haircutters; whatever you fancy, this year’s Winners Circle has a way to add sizzle to everyone’s summer! 

More Ways to Win

Jay Lawrence, OZFM Music and Program Director, says that this is one exciting year with even more novel ways to win. It’s not just about putting a sticker on your wheels, anymore, but it’s about showing the OZFM love wherever you happen to be; like sticking one on your most prized possession! 

“This year we’re adding a new way to win cash. As always, you can put an OZFM Winners Circle on your car, and now you can stick one on your phone. The Summer Cruiser Team will be out looking for those stickers, and awarding cash throughout the summer, Lawrence says.

There’s more!

“On the back of the Winners Circle is another new way to win. Fill out a ballot to win an OZFM prize pack, concert tickets, OZFM wear, and more. The RUSH will make that draw every Monday morning all summer long.”

The Cruiser Team head outside for more fun – and more photos! From the dynamics, it’s obvious they are bonding already, a fact that is no surprise to Lawrence. This year, the dynamics of the team is incredible, he says.

“We’ve got a great Cruiser Team this year. They’re excited to hit the road on the May 24th weekend, and we’re excited to start giving away cash and prizes this summer.”

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  1. Lisa Putt
    August 20, 2018

    Would love to win some great prizes.

  2. June 24, 2019

    Where do i get a sticker for my cell phone

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