Remembering Tommy Sexton

The late Sara Sexton was always an advocate for her son Tommy, recalls Tommy’s sister Mary Sexton.  

“Mom was 97 when she died, and she always loved everyone – it didn’t matter their sexuality or  their colour or religion. Love was love as far as mom was concerned,” she said. 

The one thing her mother always treasured without question was her son – the late comedic great, Tommy Sexton of CODCO fame. 

“Mom set up The Tommy Sexton Centre in Tommy’s memory and that’s a huge thing, it’s a big accomplishment for anyone. And Mom’s acceptance and respect for every human changed attitudes towards homosexuals and she was all about being kind to our fellow men and women, no matter what their sexual preference or creed or colour or whatever,” she said proudly.

Remembering her brother, who died of AIDS at the age of 36 in 1993, Mary shared that, from a very young age, her mother referred to Tommy as “sensitive,” though she thinks now that her mother most likely always knew her son was gay. 

“Tommy was never ashamed. He used to say, ‘I’m not a practicing homosexual. I’ve practiced enough. I’m a full blown homosexual.’ And, you know, he was proud of the fact that he was who he was,” she said.

While Tommy’s comedic legacy is something to forever cherish, something else to never forget is how time-tested and true a mother’s love for her child should be, no matter what path their child travels. “My mom accepted Tommy as a talented, funny, beautiful human being and she always said she loved him for who he is and she never, ever wavered.” 

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