Reveen Returns

By: Elizabeth Sullivan

If you have ever been to a Reveen show, it is one you will never forget.  Veiled behind a shroud of mystery and intrigue, it made for one of the most popular, entertaining and enduring stage shows in Canadian history. It was a show that promised adventure, wonder, laughter and fun.

And it delivered. Many stage hypnotists have come after the great Peter Reveen,  who passed in 2013, but none have caught the international attention like he did, with the exception now of his prodigy, his son, Tyrone “Ty” Reveen.

Superconscious State

“Remember Tyrone,” his dad said, “illusion and magic acts are tricks – hypnosis is not. Those words set the stage for Ty and many times he had to use it on himself as he walked out on stage to sold out venues, into the spotlight and into the center of attention.

“When I rehearse a show, I get a picture in my mind of the audience staring at me, and I tell myself ‘they are all staring at you,’ and it’s not going to bother you. It’s part of the conditioning,” Ty said.  “I embraced it. And that is what the superconscious state is. It takes people into a deep state of relaxation through a series of positive suggestions, and then it convinces them that their negative self-conscious fears are a useless, destructive form of energy. You want to eliminate it from the way you think. Once you do that, you can be convinced and once you are alleviated from your negative fear, your sense of confidence can reach heights most people basically only dream of.

“Hypnosis is all about believing in the higher powers of the mind. It is a heightened state of total awareness, a conscious state in many aspects, where you alleviate your negative self- conscience fears to go on and do amazing things. It is really a unique science,” said Ty.

Ty’s father had always encouraged his kids to harness their powerful minds and amazing imaginations. He watched in amazement as his father’s career unfolded before his eyes, from small towns, to sold out theatres around the world and right down to his final, heartfelt performance in Newfoundland in 2008.

Ty said no one in his family could have seen it coming how deeply the Reveen’s would fall in love with Newfoundland over the years.

“My father chose to end his last two tours, not knowing if he was going to be here in 2008,” said Ty, and Dad said,  “I want to end my career in Newfoundland, the people there are so kind and are just beautiful people.” And he did just that. His final performance was at the St. John’s Arts and Culture Center. 

“Dad dedicated his life to building a greater understanding of the human mind,” Ty said of his father. “I learned it all and developed those skills by being there, by his side, for thousands of shows.”

While touring with his father, Ty watched stages being built and learned firsthand the work and development that went into each performance. Though he never stopped being a part of his father’s show, in 1984 he began designing stages which led him to gigs with ZZ Top, Van Halen, David Copperfield, Dolly Parton, Siegfried and Roy, Miley Cyrus, Usher, Madonna, J-Lo and the iconic Diana Ross.

With such a rewarding career in stage and special effects design, why did he return to the stage?

“It is my destiny. I was chosen and groomed, at an early age, by my father, to one day take over his show,” said Ty. “Although I had been working on it, I knew the time was right after attending another hypnotist’s performance. The show was all too familiar. It was a takeoff, but it wasn’t from the heart.  It is my purpose to ensure that my father’s life’s work and his legacy stay alive.” And with that, Reveen, The Next Generation, was created.

In the hypnosis state, ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things, free from their fears and inhibitions. Reveen brings audience members on stage, and together as a group they are taken to their highly suggestible state.

Dad’s Encouragement 

The people on stage do things that are unexplainable, and far outside their normal behavior or sometimes capabilities. Ty does not stray from his father’s ethical philosophy. While many of his hypnosis competitors put on humiliating and sometimes sexual innuendo-filled shows, Ty ensures that his are family-friendly and fun. “Even though I miss him dearly, I know my Dad is with me every night on stage, encouraging me to be the best that I can be, as he always did throughout my entire life.”

One of the hottest ticket events of the year, Reveen has sold out theatres across the world. After months of anticipation the world’s funniest and most amazing family entertainment experience is here.

Reveen “The Superconscious Experience,” returns to the St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre on February 17, 2018. Don’t be left out, tickets are on sale now!  Visit Reveen’s website at

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