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When he’s not out saving lives, Robert Conway escapes behind the lens of his camera, specializing in landscape and portrait photography


With a talented passion for landscape and portrait photography, Robert Conway lives for capturing life’s candid moments. From individual, couple or family portraiture, to the beautiful landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador, Conway dives behind the lens to provide memories that will last a lifetime.

“Between landscape and portraiture, I do both, and there’s no reason for me not to. I’m quite happy now doing both of them, and I really can learn from each one. When I wanna change, I’ll change, but if not I’ll continue as I am,” the versatile photographer shared with The Newfoundland Herald. 

“It’s been two years for me now since I got into it. I spent a lot of time outdoors, a lot of time hiking, and out with my dog. I didn’t have a camera, so I started to take some with my phone, just taking a few shots like everybody does when they see nice things. Then, I just progressed and got a camera. Learned a bunch of little tricks on my own, and that’s how it got me where I’m to now.”

Before falling in love with photography, Conway worked full-time in another career that also involved up close and personal interaction with people. Born and raised in St. John’s, a corner boy in rabbit town to be exact, he attended Holland College in PEI back in 1996, becoming a paramedic.

“Right now, aside from photography, I teach at the College of the North Atlantic, the paramedic program, and I still work part-time as an advanced care paramedic with Eastern Health,” Conway explained.

Better Late Than Never 

“I think that’s one thing that drew me to photography, there’s some similarities and some differences. I think one of the biggest differences with the paramedic field, there’s a lot of stress, there’s a lot of critical thinking, very time dependent thinking. With photography, there’s a lot of relaxation and enjoying the moment, embracing the quiet. It works as an art outlet for me, therapy almost.

“There’s very similar things in respect to my portraiture and my profession because I’m very social at work, with my co-workers, other agencies, with patients, and you see that with my portraiture, I’m very open with people. I’ll never leave my job as a paramedic because I love it, I think a big part of that is because I do have an outlet.”

Although there is great demand that comes along with being a photographer, specifically from clients, Conway describes it as more of a challenge than stress. A challenge to put your best work out there and make people happy with it.

“I love it, I wish I found it years ago, but better late than never. We’re lucky here in Newfoundland, we’ve got one of the most beautiful landscapes around. There’s a lot of great photographers, there’s a great network of people that share ideas and share advice, share locations and stuff like that. We have a hugely artistic population for sure.”

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