Self-Isolation TV Binge Guide

While Newfoundlanders and Labradorians make the best out of a bad situation, The Herald offers up our selections for a must-watch tv binge guide while self-isolating


The COVID-19 global pandemic has put the everyday comings and goings of world citizens at a near standstill, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians included. While self-isolation and proper practices of social-distancing have become the new normal for the time being, many of us are taking the time to better acquaint ourselves with our old friend television. The Newfoundland Herald serves up our must-watch tv binge guide to cope with the current situation.

Master of None

Aziz Ansari’s razor sharp comedy Master of None tackles everything from racism, sexism and the working classes, all while piling on hefty doses of heart and laugh-out-loud comedy. The cast is A-plus, with special props to scene stealer Eric Wareheim. 

Stranger Things

Arguably Netflix’s most notable and successful original series, Stranger Things captures the nostalgia of the ‘80s and marries it with a darkly effective blend of sci-fi and horror with a easy to love cast that rivals any on TV. You’ll enjoy this trip to the upside-down.

The Mandalorian

Capitalizing on the mania surrounding Star Wars, Jon Favreau brought his vision for the first ever live-action Star Wars tv series to life with The Mandalorian. There’s shootouts, Jawas and even a Baby Yoda. Fans of the mythology will love it!

The Crown

We here at The Herald know our readers are fascinated with the royals, so perhaps no program listed here will be quite as intriguing as The Crown. This riveting retelling of the rise of Queen Elizabeth II features award-winning acting and mounds of drama. 

The Simpsons

What more can you say about The Simpsons? It’s one of the longest-running programs in the history of television, surpassing 30 seasons and firmly imprinting itself in pop culture. You can binge the entire series on Disney+, so that’s tons to keep you busy!

Diary of a Future President

If you need a bit of feel good in your diet, look no further than Diary of a Future President. Available to stream on Disney+, the series focuses on 12-year-old Elena, a Cuban-American who navigates middle school while aspiring to become President of the U.S.A


Julia Roberts on television! Don’t pinch yourself, it’s real. Amazon Prime features Jules in all her acting glory, starring in Homecoming, a psychological thriller surrounding a transition facility for returning soldiers that has skeletons beneath the surface. 


Much like the ageless Julia Roberts, the iconic Al Pacino appearing in a ‘television’ series was once thought to be unheard of. Amazon Prime’s Hunters – which sees a bunch of Jewish rebels take out Nazis living in the U.S. – provides ample action and drama.


Tackling real world issues with heart and laughter, Transparent ended its four season run with a musical feature length film in 2019 following the unceremonious exit of lead Jeffrey Tambor. The series follows a family father as he transitions to a trans woman. 

Making a Murderer

This is the granddaddy of streaming service true-crime guilty pleasures. Making A Murderer has inspired dozens of gritty and out of this world documentary series, but few can rival the shock and awe of this grizzly and heartbreaking saga. 

The Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwood’s horrifying dystopian future in The Handmaid’s Tale makes our present social situation seem blissful, so there’s that! With a commanding lead performance from Elisabeth Moss, this dark drama has been lauded since its release. 

Marvel’s Hero Project

Given the global pandemic sweeping the world, it’s hard to focus in on good news. Hopefully Marvel’s Hero Project on Disney+ can help shake the funk. The series follows young heroes making remarkable changes in their communities.

The Sopranos

Few, if any, television dramas have been as adored, celebrated or deemed as influential as The Sopranos. This larger-than-life dramatization of the lives of a crime family, starring the late, great James Gandolfini, can be streamed in full on Crave. 

Game of Thrones

It may have gone out in controversial style, but few series have been as alluring or epic as HBO’s Game of Thrones. Every betrayal, battle and massive grandiose moment is available to stream now. Just prepare yourself for the unexpected and you’ll be fine!

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