Skull Fist Headlines Stacked November Mayhem III Lineup

Music fans of a harder and heavier sort eagerly anticipate the third instalment of November Mayhem, featuring one of Canada’s finest metal acts Skull Fist


Metal fans of our windswept frigid isle unite! November Mayhem returns for a third straight year of pulverizing heavy tunes with some of the best groups shredding across the Great White North. 

Conjured by the dedicated metalheads in Make It So Productions, the third annual mosh-inducing extravaganza goes down on November 16th at The Rock House in St. John’s and is headlined by New Wave of British Heavy Metal speedsters Skull Fist.

The diverse and fan-friendly lineup is rounded out by Ontario’s Ammo and Lycanthro, returning maritime favourites Black Moor, and Newfoundland’s own cryptic sky-lords Allagash. 

“The third year, yeah man it’s special as hell,” shared Make It So founder Justin Dean. “When I started this I wouldn’t think in a couple short years we would be having some amazing acts here to play for such great fans. I don’t like to bring the same band in year after year. I like the two year gap, but this year is for sure more for the old school metal fans and old trash/speed fans.”

Local favourites

The initial festival in 2017 featured a slew of local favourites with the now returning Black Moor topping the bill. 2018 saw a double dose that includes the likes of Manacle and Warsenal, leading way to world-traveling Toronto natives Skull Fist to close out the 2019 installment of November Mayhem. 

Skull Fist stick-man JJ Tartaglia is no stranger to The Rock. The Cape Bretoner has performed here a time or two with fellow Ontario based metallers Mokomokai, though returning to St. John’s with one of the finest Canadian metal groups working today will be a true pleasure. 

“The first time I was in St. John’s I said Ok, this reminds me a lot of home,” Tartaglia shared. “I mean obviously it’s its own thing. I feel like when you’re in Newfoundland it kind of feels like a different country almost. Just the way the houses are, the way everybody talks and the vibe of Newfoundland is just really awesome. But it’s definitely got a lot of similarities to Cape Breton. It gives me a taste of home for sure.”

He’s evaded the Screech-in thus far, citing busy schedules and rehearsals, joking that he and bandmates – all island virgins – may just have to kiss the cod this time out.

“None of the other boys have ever even been there,” says Tartaglia. “We’re totally stoked. Not many bands get to play in Newfoundland.”

‘Resistance is futile’

Resident thrash lords Allagash are no strangers to the heavy metal fans across Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Fresh off their epic new album Cryptic Visions, the band relishes the chance to perform alongside one of Canada’s best and a host of surefire fan favourites. 

“We have always been big fans of Skull Fist and we are really excited to open for another one of our favorite bands,” the group said in a statement, adding of their own set, “Prepare to be abducted … Prepare for a dark future. Resistance is futile.”

For Dean, a longtime local heavy metal fan dedicated to the promotion and growth of the scene, money is not the object of November Mayhem. 

“As most of the people who know me know the last thing I’m into is trying to make a living from this,” he explains. “I just got tired of having to always travel to see a great show. Even though you may not be into old school metal this will be a night of epic proportions!”

Tartaglia closes by seconding Dean’s belief that the third installment of November Mayhem will be a night for the ages. Bring your thrashing boots, best band-T and patch-clad vest and prepare for a November to remember!

“I mean the live shows are pretty insane,” Tartaglia laughs. “It’s a real war zone it feels like when we’re on stage. I mean in the best way possible. We’re going to bring it full throttle when we come to Newfoundland.”

Tickets for November Mayhem III available at and select Orange Store etix kiosks across the island. For more on the event visit November Mayhem and Make It So Productions on Facebook. 

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