Spirit of NL – Grinch, Dressing and Gravy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be a Grinch – Newfoundland-style


Don’t be green with envy. Fact is,  Peter Halley just might make the best Grinch ever – Newfoundland style! 

For the fourth time in their history, the fine (if sometimes hilariously ‘skeetish’ folks) of Spirit of Newfoundland will be presenting Grinch, Dressing & Gravy. Live at Holy Heart Theatre Dec. 12 & 13. The show stars a who’s (get it? Who?) who of the arts world. 

A Who and a Skeet

Many people play a variety of roles, Halley explains. “We have Gita Wigdorchik and Mallory Johnson and Dana Parsons plays Maxine the dog – we’ve gender-bended the role of Max. She’s also a Who and she’s a skeet too, actually, there’s a few skeets in there. Keith Power is the mayor of Whoville, Michael Power plays the narrator and a skeet and a Who and – I’m the Grinch!” 

Why are they bringing the Grinch back? Because they love this show, he says. “We stick to the story of the Grinch, while inserting a Newfoundland flair,” he teases.

Anyone who knows the story understands that the Grinch wants to find out what he can do to stop Christmas from coming, Halley shares.

Newfoundland Twist

“He must find out what Newfoundlanders love about Christmas. Well, we love our savory, we love our turkey – fresh local birds. We love our local trees,  we love Purity syrup. So I go out as the Grinch to ruin all these special treats that Newfoundlanders love at Christmas.”

While the story has a Newfoundland and Labrador-twist, they also stay true to the more heart-warming side of the treasured tale.

“The story is not lost. His heart does grow, he does discover the meaning of Christmas, he is accepted by the Whos and he hooks up and finds true love.”

The Holy Heart shows, which are a fundraiser in support of ongoing refurbishment efforts of Spirit’s regular home, The Masonic Temple, run in addition to the 49 nights of hilarity and holiday magic held in their ‘home’ theatre. 

“Christmas is in full swing with Christmas Around the World and other shows at Masonic. This is just something special where more people can come and fill more seats and get in the Christmas spirit with the Grinch,” he adds.

“The Grinch is something special. NTV will film and televise the show. We’re really looking forward to it. Doing the Grinch is so much fun and of all our Christmas shows, it’s probably the most popular. Come and see it. You’ll enjoy it.”

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