Staycation Summer with OZFM

Summer is just around the corner and OZFM’s Staycation Summer 2022 team hit the road May 24th weekend for a jam-packed season filled with winning, fun and music

Kali Kenny and Noah Perchard are excited to hit the road in the OZFM Staycation Summer Cruiser! 

Perchard, who was part of the team in 2021, says that this year is going to be “incredible,” if summer 2021 was any indication. 

“Last year was fantastic. I learned a lot from Becky (Daley) and just being out on the road and meeting all the nice people and having the experience of being able to go places I hadn’t been before was great. For those reasons right there – the people and the places you get to see and experience – those things are particularly the biggest highlights of this job for sure,” he said.

Kenny is new to the position, but she’s equally excited and offered how  thrilled she’ll be to “pick up 50 copies of The Herald,” for family and friends. 

“That’s a song, right?” she said, to which Perchard quickly quipped, “Don’t worry. You’ll know all the words to that one soon enough!”

Dream Come True

Kenny says she feels like being part of the OZFM family and a member of the Staycation Summer Cruiser Team is a “dream come true.” 

“I feel like I listened to music before I even heard my mother’s voice. I’ve always been really interested in radio and in media ever since I was little. As far back as I can remember, doing something like this has been a dream.”

Touring the province and meeting people only adds to thrill, she added. “I grew up with both of my parents riding motorcycles and I was always just hooked on to the back of one of their bikes and I was told to hold on tight,” she said with a laugh. 

Some of her fondest memories are of sightseeing from that perch. Kenny recently purchased her own motorcycle, and she’s having the time of her life. “I’m hitting the road  on an old 1987 Yamaha Virago. I’m an old-school girl that way,” she said.

Touring the province being part of how she’ll now earn a paycheck is pretty special, she added.  “I am constantly trying to see as much of the island as I can. My grandparents live in Cape Broyle, so I’m out there every Sunday that I can.” 

It doesn’t matter if she’s just out for a cruise, having a picnic, or strolling around a lighthouse – it’s just great to explore the beauty this province has to offer. 

‘What a great gig’

Perchard, who you may have seen on Son of a Critch or on Astrid & Lilly Save the World, shared that he’s excited to bring Kenny onboard and show her the ropes. “It’s nice to show someone how fun this job is and to experience what a great gig this is and to share what I learned. Then knowing I can amplify what I did last year because the concerts and events are back on the go and restrictions are lifted, that makes this an even more special opportunity,” he said.

Perchard also loves the radio side of the job, and being part of the OZFM family is part of the draw. 

“I loved it last year. I loved slowly getting better with my radio voice. It was pretty cool. You hear lots of jokes saying you have the face for radio, but it’s a good thing and it’s just so much fun.”

 OZFM Station Manager Jay Lawrence has a hard time containing his excitement as the new Staycation team get to know one another and pose for the camera. “They are both great young people with loads of personality and lots of energy and they’ll be on the road Saturdays and Sundays from May 24th weekend through Labour Day,” he said.

There will be lots of “free stuff,” to hand out and stay tuned to OZFM and to the Morning Jam for prize draws and more. “Listen to OZFM daily to find out where the Staycation Cruiser Team will be and hang out and meet them and maybe get some great giveaways while they last,” he said.

‘A great place’

For Kenny and Perchard, the fun is just beginning. “Newfoundland is a great place to staycation and we get to highlight all the best spots and attend the best events,”
 Perchard said smiling. 

Kenny, grinning from ear-to-ear, agreed. But there’s something else too, she said. “I love that (NTV/OZFM/The Herald) are locally owned and they’ve always been local. I’ve told so many people since getting this job that it’s exciting to be part of something that’s Newfoundland home grown, because I am too, actually. I’m one-hundred per cent Newfoundland home grown.” 

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