Step into the Winners Circle with OZFM

We all hope for good weather come the long weekend, but every Newfoundlander and Labradorian knows they must also always prepare for the worst!  Long before Eddie Sheer makes his May 24 predictions, hearty local folk are fillin’ propane tanks while keepin’ nan’s home knit gun-mitts handy – just in case.

OZFM Winners Circle

Another thing NLers are doing? Waiting for the annual OZFM Winners Circle to come out in The Herald so it can be lovingly and carefully placed for proper viewing by this year’s 2019 OZFM’s Summer Cruiser Team. Yes!  Summer is also all about winning! 

Becky Daley, Asha Whiteway and Einar Hagen are this year’s Cruiser Team, and you may notice something; the two ladies are both returning for their second year of fun and giveaways. 

At 20, Becky Daley says being part of the Cruiser Team last year was a dream come true, and returning to the OZFM fold for summer 2019 was the icing on the cake. “The experience last year was incredible. I was able to see things in Newfoundland that I never knew even existed and I met people all across the island which was really nice,” the MUN student shares. 

In fact, working with teammate Asha last summer and meeting OZFM listeners wasn’t really like working at all. “I really enjoy this job. It comes naturally to me. I get to act myself and have fun. I love meeting new people and look forward to meeting more new listeners this summer,” she says.

Whiteway smiles. “What she said,” she jokes with a smile before adding;

“Honestly I had a really great experience last year. I never hesitate to say that working as a member of the Summer Cruiser Team has been, by far, my favourite job. You earn a certain respect when you’re driving around and giving away money and other free goodies, and that sort of brings out an emphasized cheerful disposition that Newfoundlander’s have.”

Incredibly rewarding

Was the fun of giving away freebees, like cash and concert tickets, the draw?  “I guess what brought me back is simply how gratifying the job is. You get to meet so many kind and fun people, and you get to give back to those same people,” Whiteway shares.

Whiteway adds that her experience last year was incredibly rewarding for so many reasons. “Some of my favourite memories from last year include emceeing at George Street Fest, and our road trips. Of course, at GSF everyone is… having a time, to say the least, and the energy from the crowd was incredible.”

There’s one memory she will hold on to for years to come. “I met this woman in Deer Lake at the Strawberry Festival, her name was Daphne Russel. As we were packing up and handing out our last few things, I met Daphne. She was so sweet, and she was an absolute comedian – she had me laughing in no time. I offered her some NL Classifieds playing cards, and she was overjoyed, and began listing off all of her friends who she wanted a pack for as well. I thought that was so awesome!”

 When the two said good-bye they had a sweet moment. “I told her I had to go she said something like ‘okay my dear, you drive safe now and be careful, loves ya!’. Outside of Newfoundland, where do you find someone who tells you they love you after a five minute conversation? If I can have another summer filled with people like Daphne, it will definitely be one to remember.” 

Daley gives her friend a warm embrace. The two are happy to be reunited, that’s obvious. “I’m super happy that me and Asha are back together, we were able to bond a lot last summer and I look up to her, and treat her like one of my best friends. It is almost like I have known her for several years,” she says sincerely.

Whiteway agrees the two share a bond. “Becky and I hit it off almost immediately at the photoshoot last year. She’s such a down-to-earth girl, and we share so much in common – we even bought the same dress for this year’s shoot! Being forced to spend every weekend with two strangers can be challenging, but Becky and I became like sisters in no time. Of course, I am the older, wiser sister (laughter from both). She is an exceptional friend, and I can’t wait to hit the road with her again”

Honestly, the saddest part about the summer ending last year was parting ways. But the team is back together, so no worries!

“This summer I get to work with one of my best friends, doing the best job, and working for the best company – how much better can it get?  I’m looking forward to hitting the road with Becky and Einar.”

New kid on the block

Hagen is the new kid on the block, so to speak. What made him want to be part of the Cruiser Team?

“I have always loved music and I also enjoy going to concerts and festivals, that’s what initially attracted me to this job. I will get to do some of that while traveling the island, and hopefully, get the chance to explore places I’ve never seen here before,” he shares.

What is he looking forward to most?

“Everything,” he jokes. “I think it will be a lot of fun working alongside Becky and Asha. From the time we spent together at the photo shoot, they seem very nice and fun to be around. But, I’m really looking forward to traveling around our beautiful province, while taking on new experiences and meeting a lot of new people from all over the island.”

Whiteway chats as Daley glams it up for the camera, sharing how great the OZFM team was to work with last year. 

“Everyone at OZFM, NTV, and The Herald are fantastic, but we of course worked more directly with the folks at OZFM. Although I adore them all, I have a special place in my heart for Danielle Butt, my fellow native-bayman. She, like the others, was so welcoming and pleasant, and working with people like that makes it feel like less of a job. I also have to mention Stephanie O’Bryne, because she was sort of like my mentor. I got a lot of advice from her, whether it was about the job, or life in general, and I knew she was always willing to help me out.”

Stick n’ WIN!

Speaking of OZFM, Jay Lawrence, Program Director, says that this is one exciting year with even more fabulous ways to win. 

It’s not just about putting a sticker on your wheels, anymore, but it’s about showing the OZFM love wherever you go, so stick one on your most prized possession, your phone!

“As always, you can put an OZFM Winners Circle on your car, but you can also stick one on your phone. The Summer Cruiser Team will be out looking for those stickers, and awarding cash throughout the summer.”

And, there’s so much more winning, too! “On the back of the Winners Circle is another way to win. You can fill out a ballot to win an OZFM prize pack, concert tickets, OZFM wear, and more. The RUSH make that draw every Monday morning all summer,” Lawrence continues.

As the team head outside to check out this year’s Cruiser (in the lightly falling snow – in late April) they joke about the weather and other cruiser-related things. Who’s the better driver? we ask the ladies. 

“I would like to think that I am the better driver, but because she may have a story or two that I don’t remember, I’ll say Becky. She is absolutely terrible at giving directions though! I couldn’t count how many times I heard ‘oh, you were supposed to turn there, sorry’, followed by a giggle,” Whiteway confesses.

Daley takes the teasing in style, and adds, “I’m really looking forward to what this summer will bring for us, and I can’t wait to get back out on the road.” 

Lawrence is excited for the long weekend kick-off, he says, adding,

“We’ve got a great team once again. We’re all excited for them to hit the road on the May 24th weekend, and we’re also excited to start giving away cash and prizes.”

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  1. Debbie smith
    May 21, 2019

    Where do u get a a ozfm sticker for ur mobile phone (cell)

  2. Brenda
    July 9, 2019

    Where can i get a winner’s circle to put in my car window

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