Thane Dunn – A Little Bit Country

Thane Dunn (Elvis) and his wife Melly (the Rhinestone Cowgirl) prepare to take their Rock and Country tour to The Rock 


Thane Dunn, the man who brings Elvis back into many buildings through his incredible performances, says he just loves coming to this province. 

‘Allure of Returning’

“It’s friendships I’ve made there now, and part of the allure of returning is the friendships. But besides that, without sounding like I’m shovelling, there’s something amazing about Newfoundland.”

It’s the people and the place, he adds. It’s also the talent. “People are so nice and have taken to what we are doing and they know we have a quality product and we are always out to do a better job than we did the last time.”

And, about that talent?  “While there you can go into a convenience store and find someone who can play the fiddle and sing you a song. You can put a band together in any community. To me, that’s unique and I saw that the first time I went over.” 

When Dunn visits the island this time, it’s to get out to as many places as possible. 

Rock & Country tour

“The Rock and Country tour tours The Rock, I like the sound of that, because we are getting out and bringing what we do to the fans. We’ll do as many shows as possible in as many places.”

This is their best show ever, he adds. Why? “There’s so many Elvis fans over there and people really love what we’ve done but there are probably just as many or more country fans as Elvis fans. We just happen to have the best country singer in the world with us, my wife, Melly.”

Melly, who hails from England, fell in love with country music after watching Coal Miner’s Daughter.

“We watched that Loretta Lynn story and Melly started singing song after song, then she moved on to Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette and it was amazing. She sounds so much like those artists but she also brings her own touch to every song, and she has so much fun. With me, I’m trying to give the audience a glimpse of what it’s like to have seen Elvis Presley live. She was in Nashville in October and got three standing ovations because she just goes on stage and loves what she does. It was amazing.”

The show they’re bringing this time around is like a Donnie and Marie act – a little bit country and a whole lot of rock n’ roll, Dunn says. “Elvis was a country music singer. When he started he sang all types of music.” 

From Always on my Mind to Kentucky Rain, there’s something for everyone. 

One of the first songs Elvis placed in a talent show with was the touching Old Shep. “Elvis had a real flair for country and you can tell that from many of his song choices like Old Shep, and he had it hard growing up, like Loretta Lynn, so you don’t get much more country than having a hard life and humble beginnings and Elvis had a hard life.”

What’s not hard is bringing this show to this province. “We love Newfoundland, and the people have shown they love us and what we do. Thanks for that. We can’t wait to return.” 

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  1. Louise
    January 16, 2019

    Having seen both of them perform, they are BOTH EXCELLENT!

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