The Black and White Photographer of the Avalon

By Amy Cleary

Most people consider photography a science, but according to Neville Webb, it is an art form that continually captures the beauty of the Avalon Peninsula. 

“Each photo is an instant in time. Finding photographs is like fishing, you have to see what others might not see,” said Webb. 

Webb began taking photos at the age of 15 because of the interest that his father passed down to him. 

“My father was a family snapshot photographer. He taught me everything that I know,” said Webb. 

In past years, Webb has photographed parts of East Africa like South Wales, but since moving to the Island he has taken his camera to small communities and fishing outports in and around the Avalon Peninsula. 

“The most important aspect of taking photos is talking with local folk and fishers at wharf-side. Talking with people one finds out about the community histories and work in the inshore and offshore fisheries,” said Webb. 

The outport communities have inspired Webb with its incredible scenery and activities.

“On the Avalon there is such inspiring scenery around us, but sometimes one must take many photos to capture those special few,” said Webb. 

Webb considers colour a distraction, and often prefers to produce photos in black and white for a visual impact. 

“A black and white picture gets to the heart of a photo scene and tells a story without colours getting in the way. To an extent black and white photos become more of an art form, and to look for such photo opportunities one needs to visualize a scene in black and white,” said Webb. 

Webb doesn’t consider himself a professional photographer but rather as a person who takes a keen interest in what is going on around him. He describes himself as some somewhat opportunistic photographer where good photo opportunities are often found by luck and chance, constantly encouraging others to take their cameras out to find photos. 

“Photos don’t come to you. You have to make the most of the opportunity, find the story, and see the moment,” said Webb. 


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