The Keto College Diet

By: Amy Cleary

When you’re a student, sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be a nightmare. Depending on your budget, navigating the grocery store for meal ideas can be a challenge. However, thanks to our Keto friend Bobbi Pike, she tackled this problem on her website with an article called ‘How to Keto on a budget’.

“It’s a common misconception that eating a Ketogenic diet is more expensive than the average Western diet, but that’s not the case at all,” the article says.

Bobbi lays out excellent suggestions that everyone should follow to become a grocery store superstar. Most of her suggestions relate to couponing and planning ahead, which are suggestions that your mother will give you. 

“The following is a list of how we successfully Keto, without breaking the bank,” the article says.

The nice thing about Bobbi’s article is that she brings up important things to consider like food wastage, keeping your food simple, and checking out discount stores. These are ideas or concepts not everyone thinks about when they are shopping for food. 

These concepts are important because as a student, you never consider how much food you’re supposed to buy at the store. You’re so use to your mother buying groceries for the family that you never consider buying for yourself. 

“When you calculate what you are saving with Ketogenic living, it’s a real eye opener.”

The ending of her article is fantastic too. She breaks down the calculated savings on a Ketogenic diet. She’s talking about saving on bigger clothes, reducing medication costs, and expensive processed foods, which is the most important. Not having to buy that bottle of ketchup can make a difference, and it also gives you a chance to experiment with sauces that you can create on your own. 

All together, the article that Bobbi wrote is time well spent to read.

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