The Once to Release New Album ‘Time Enough’ in May

Award-winning Newfoundland folk trio The Once are set to release their latest album, Time Enough, on May 11th. The band released a lengthy statement on their social medias, which you can read below!


Dear Everyone,
TIME ENOUGH. That is the name of our brand new album. It’s being pressed right now and is due out on May 11. We will release our first single from it on March 30th, So look for “I Can’t Live Without You” on Spotify and iTunes.

We are proud, giddy, thankful and hopeful that this album will reach you and connect with you.

This album is for and about the folks we have met along the way who have opened up about how tricky life is and how hard it is to be kind to the reflection in the mirror. It’s about loving with all your might even when it’s hard to feel anything for yourself. It’s about the fear of love mixed with the fear of being forgotten. It’s about knowing we can’t stay here forever and the uncertainty of what that truly means. It’s about the heartache you feel after you dared to love with every ounce of your being, but lost. It’s about rediscovering love and getting really good at love so you can live with no regret. It’s about falling and second-guessing and losing…and then finding a place to just “be” in the moments in between.

The name ‘Time Enough’ comes from a saying here in NL. It commonly means “It’s about time”. Another meaning came from my Nan Butler. (This is Geri here. Hi.) Nan moved in with us when I was 11 or 12. Her second husband, Pop Butler, had died so Mom (Anne) and Dad (Charlie) took her in. After that, the house dynamic changed in a fateful way for me and my 3 sisters ‘cause everyone came by to visit when Nan moved in. She was the star of the house. She had a billion kids and grandkids, great grandkids and cousins…They all came by at Christmas, Easter, birthdays and whatever other holidays lived on the calendar. My mom and her brothers would sing the saddest songs you ever heard in your life. Then they would tell the most foolish stories or jokes you ever cried laughing at. There was food and drink and then, when the time had come, everyone would go home out of it. Nan wasn’t fond of the goodbye part of the night. She loved the company. She loved the stories. She loved her family. She hated to see ‘em go. So, it is funny to me now, that as people were leaving, she would hug each one and say, “Time Enough now, b’ys, time enough.” No one thought it odd, though. No one thought she was being rude. No one thought she was kicking them out. It didn’t even occur to any of us. Because it was so far from what she meant and everyone knew exactly what she meant. Her education only saw her to the count of ten and to the 26 letters of the alphabet. She wasn’t in school long enough to learn to print her name. Her signature was an X. The words couldn’t be the most important part of what she was saying. But we knew exactly what she meant because of her emotion and inflection. That’s where the heart of her words lay. When Nan said, “Time Enough”, she meant, “I’m heartbroken you have to leave. I wish we could all stay here forever because who knows when or if we will see each other again.”

So, on May 11, TIME ENOUGH comes out everywhere. We are going to tour everywhere we can and visit as many of you as time allows. We are going to sing you songs and tell you funny stories and say “Time Enough” when it’s time to say goodbye and you will know exactly what we mean.

See you down the road.
Geri, Phil and Andrew


For more on The Once visit their official website. 

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