The Wedding Singer

O’Donel High School presents The Wedding Singer, proving the ‘80s ruled and that being left at the alter ain’t all that tragic when there’s a catchy soundtrack

Scott Simms is the director of O’Donel High School’s musical The Wedding Singer, and he’s nothing if not pumped and enthusiastic as the date for show times draws near. “It’s absolutely fantastic. I’m a big fan of the movie, so many are, so there is a lot of love for The Wedding Singer out there, and the kids are so excited and I’m just really, really glad to be a part of it,” the theatre teacher begins.

‘Absolutely phenomenal’

Simms says that casting began shortly after the school year started, and by mid October “the ball was rolling.”

“We have a cast of about 45, which is a really nice number to have. We get those big musical numbers, and the fun dance numbers. We have an incredible choral selection and our cast is just absolutely phenomenal.”

The musical, which takes to the stage at The Arts and culture Centre February 20-22,  has a great energy, says an enthusiastic Simms.

“As soon as I walked in the building in September, it’s what all the buzz was about: this is a musical year. Everybody knows how important that is, and it’s really incredible to see that kind of energy throughout the entire school community.”

Plus, there’s an extra element of fun because this is an ‘80s’ musical. “You’re getting big hair and fun costumes, and everything that you love about the ‘80s, or wish you could forget about the ‘80s, are all in this show.”

Simms, who admits with a chuckle that he was born in ‘81, adds that it’s fun to have to explain so-called dated references to the kids.   

Get your groove on!

“Sweating to the oldies is referenced in the show. And where’s the beef?  So we all went on YouTube to find out what is actually being talked about. I found that really strange because those things were such a big part of my growing up, that to have it be completely lost on this generation was different, but fun.”

Simms hopes audiences will get their grove on and head to the show for a guaranteed good time.

“This is an incredibly fun show. The music is great, the kids are great. And it’s really going to be one of these shows that promises you’re going to have a good time because the show will not let you not have a good time.”

The Wedding Singer is presented by the students of O’Donel High School. Shows are from February 20-22, 2020 at 7:30 pm at the St. John’s, Arts & Culture Centre. For tickets visit

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