Three Unusual Devices to Create a Cool Party

By Alex Green

Cool parties are all about the music, drinks and some great company. You have to get every bit right for your Super Bowl party to be the talk of the neighborhood for weeks. Get the perfect recipes, drinks, and party sound devices to shake up the neighborhood.

With the Super Bowl close at hand, people are already figuring out their plans for the big weekend. Die-hard fans prefer to see the game in person but most people stay at home with their friends and family or go out to the bars that offer live TV coverage. There are plenty of options available to celebrate this event in style. If you or your friends plan to throw a party, you may be interested in some cool ways to make it more exciting and memorable. Hosting house parties may be fun, but they are hectic to prepare.

You will need a lot of food for a Super Bowl house party—not just appetizers, but real food. Drinks enough for everyone must follow. Party sound devices are perfect for spicing up your party for the party crew to pick up cool music. Here are three unusual devices that will make your Super Bowl party, or any party for that matter, cool and memorable:

Best Sound Devices for a Cool Party

1. Waterproof Speakers

A party is no party without music. For most of us, the best parties are those that we get to anger a few neighbors with the loud music. Better yet, there is a sense of excitement when our parties get shut by the cops in the wee hours of the night. You’ve probably been to parties without food or enough drinks but definitely not without music. Music creates a buzz and brings about that positive vibe. The last thing you want in a party is to see guys sitting, bored and just wishing that the party could end in the next minute or so. With the proper party sound devices and a playlist with the best songs of all time, this is never going to happen.

Waterproof speakers will come in handy in almost all situations. Whether you are hosting an ordinary house event or a pool party, these sound devices are vital for dropping the beats. With so many drunk guys around, you don’t want your event cut short by one of them spilling drinks on your sound system. It even gets better when you’re hosting a pool party. You don’t have to worry about the water splashing all over—with the best water speakers, just worry about having fun and enjoying the night. These party sound devices have all it takes to turn your party into a cool one.

2. Disco Ball Light

With this light, you can well forget about going to the nightclub and bring Boogie Nights right to your home. Having this ball of lights is an excellent way of decorating your house and inducing the partying mood to the crowd. This magic ball creates the perfect ambiance to keep the event alive and lively – with  it, the party never ends. Disco balls with flashing functions are even better for parties that will involve a couple of games as the night goes by.

3. 4-in-1 Cooler

This is probably the coolest gadget you will come across at a party. It comes with a removable Bluetooth speaker, a blender, a bottle opener, and a USB recharger. This ensures that you’re the music goes on throughout the night no matter what and that your devices are charged throughout the night. Most importantly, this device ensures that the party crew is served with chilled drinks for the best taste.

Hosting a cool and memorable event may not be the most straightforward task. However, you must know how to plan an event checklist so that you find all the right devices for the coolest party. Make sure you get the drinks, food and turn up the music. With the best sound devices, you are just about to experience the coolest party.

Thinking of any other devices we might have left out? Feel free to share ideas of any other extra-cool devices that are bound to turn your party to a super cool one.


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