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Specializing in photographing newborn and baby milestones, Tracy Robbins has made an art-form out of capturing perfectly happy moments.


Tracy Robbins of St. John’s is making a living capturing the happiest moments imaginable. Specializing in newborns, baby milestones and maternity photos, Tracy Robbins has a growing client base and reputation for capturing warmth and emotion in every photo.

“I think a lot of photography moms start out similar,” shares Robbins. “We have our own babies and start photographing them, and you really get the skill that way and you realize there’s a bit of a market for it.”

Modern Meets Classic 

Robbins’ style blends modern with classic elements, focusing on posed and natural setups, while always staying true to the idea that each and every client is unique and different, always striving to capture candid details.

There’s perks to the job too. Who doesn’t love a baby? For Robbins, tiny-tikes are the job.

“I love working with newborns,” she says. “They’re my favourite type of photography. It’s actually easier working with a brand new baby than an adult. Usually they’re nice and sleepy, but with an adult you have to work with them a bit more.”

From maternity shots, to fresh photos in the wake of the birth, to newborn shoots and baby milestones, Robbins offers a variety of services, and has photographed over 400 babies to date, including OZFM’s Stephanie O’Brien’s little girl Charlie.

Capture the Moments

“I get to capture those moments and I get to enjoy the baby myself,” Robbins says. “I get to cuddle this one week old. Every couple of weeks I get to see and smell and cuddle a newborn. It can’t get much better than that. Plus I’m giving them pictures that they’ll have forever.

“You’re always going to want to see a picture of your baby, no matter how old they are,”she adds.

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