Travellers Treasures

There’s so many delightful treasures to be discovered & explored throughout the province of NL

Could this summer have been any better? With its glorious weather and a united call to Come on Home out of it, summer 2022 was one for the record books and we’ve enjoyed every minute. 

Lodge’s Loft/Lodge’s Landing, Catalina: Julie Lodge is one special woman. With a goal to return to the province and raise her children at home, she’s turned her hand at many things. 

Something she’s very good at is providing quality and unique vacation homes to anyone interested in visiting the Catalina/Port Union area. 

“When people walk through my doors, I want them to feel like they are treating themselves to something special. I wanted people to have a higher end feel and to have more of an experience than just a place to lay their head at night,” she said when we visited. With one spot so luxurious you’ll never want to leave (Lodge’s Landing) and another that leaves you longing for simpler times (Lodge’s Loft), a visit to Catalina should be on any vacationer’s bucket list.  

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A Little Cup of Sea, Colliers: The concept is new: A picture-perfect spot on the water where you can just sit back and relax. How perfectly perfect! Owner  Lacey Pike knew what she had the first time she saw their newly purchased little piece of heaven after moving back home from away with her husband and young son. 

What it is that makes A Little Cup of Sea special? Ask Pike and she will say, “It’s just sharing the ocean with other people on this little piece of calm on the water. It’s a spot to come and relax and fill your soul.” 

Smugglers Cove, Burin: One very special spot that brags it calls the adventurous rebel home, Smugglers Cove is one of a kind. 

With huts on the water for a one-of-a-kind stay-over next to a one of a kind Roadhouse and one uniquely designed ‘town,’ Smugglers is almost too many things to mention. In memory of the late Tom Hollett, Smugglers on the Coast of Legends has it all. A great place to eat, play or stay, Smugglers is a must on anyone’s year-round must-visit list. 

Not only are there good eats, there’s good work happening at Smugglers  too.  The Route 210 Run held in Support of the Autism Society raised over $40,000 for the charity. Great job everyone! 

Golden Sands, Burin: The sand will stick around almost as long as the memories, but it’s well worth it! An incredible spot for lovers – young and old – and an incredible spot for families, Golden Sands Resort has it all and then some. 

With a sandy shore that never ends and pond water at just the perfect depth for the wee ones, the beach area offers glorious water fun for all ages. Food. Treats. Cabins. Camping. It’s all there at Golden Sands. But it’s the staff – and the seasonal campers – who really make this spot fun. Halloween. Christmas parties. New Year’s celebrations. 

Even mummers showed up at the sands this summer. Ride the ‘Paddy Wagon’ and take in a magic trick, have a dance in the barn area, play mini golf, enjoy the playground with the kiddies or just float your cares away in the pond. Golden Sands is a golden opportunity for fun in the sun. Open until Thanksgiving, there’s still time to visit!

SeaGlass B&B and Studio, New Perlican: Staying a night at Nan’s is what a stay at SeaGlass feels like, only Nanny never had such an incredible deck that sat right on the ocean. With history and beauty as well as hospitality, SeaGlass is a vacation delight. Turn your hand at stained glass and enjoy a relaxing class or do a little shopping. It’s a visit that will lead to many more planned – and unplanned –  escapes to New Perlican. 

Dunrovin RV Park, Lethbridge:

This little getaway spot has everything. A place to camp in nature, spectacular cabins, great eats and so much more, this was one incredible sumer vacation stop over. 

Check out their unique wooden statues, chat with the staff about the history of the area, or just relax in the woods by the water and listen to the frogs and enjoy the view. We loved our July stay! 

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Humber River Off Grid Tours: Go just to met Uncle Mel and Ashley Hann! And tell them we sent ya! Humber River Off Grid is one of the most unique experiences of our summer. 

With incredible views, great accommodations and grand hosts, you won’t even mind the fact that you can’t post to Facebook or answer emails! Check out Hann on YouTube at Adventures Off Grid for more. 

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Dildo Boathouse Inn, Dildo: Take a ride out to sea or just sit and enjoy the view and the grub in the restaurant, no matter the day’s plan or the time you have to spend, a visit to Dildo Boathouse Inn is a must for any road-tripper. Ask about the history of the building – it’s amazing.

It’s cool to know how some people turned the end of the cod fishery into something unique and positive, and how a fishing boat that’s been in the family for years can now provide so much joy to come from away tourists and those from home who just want to spend a day near –or on – the sea. 

Fishing For Success, Petty Harbour: It’s hard to put in words sometimes how incredible the people are who devote their time to preserving our culture. That’s the driving passion behind the team at Fishing for Success. 

Take the kids, take any tourists you meet, or just go spend a few hours with them yourself. From art work with fish to a day watching puffins and learning how to jig a cod, this is one fun and memorable stop over during our summer of 2022. 

Marine Park, Pouch Cove: 

I don’t know that there’s many places like it in the province. 

Minutes from the city of St. John’s, this spot offers quality and an unforgettable getaway for the entire family. Camp, rent a golf cart, enjoy the beach area, hike, or take in some of the best kiddie activities around, this Yogi Bear Jellystone Park has something for the entire family to enjoy. 

Dildo Dory Grill, Dildo: We liked it so much, we went back again! Dildo Dory and Breakfast Under the Dory offers great grub and an amazing view. 

Go for the day or book a stay over at one of the many near-by vacations spots. We  recommend  the fish and chips and the chowder!

Kilmory, Swift Current: Kilmory has been in the Jamieson family for generations and now Mary and Roger proudly carry on the family tradition. Vacationers have been known to visit annually, and make a stop over a tradition. 

George House B& B, Dildo:  Built in 1885, this house has history. It also has class! Plus, it’s fun! 

From the rubber ducky placed in our glorious tub to the brilliant conversation we had with other visitors, Todd at George House makes visiting a B&B one tasty (great breakfast!) adventure! 

Banting Memorial Park, Musgrave Harbour: I fell in love with this place and the people who stay there. 

With ocean access and a stunning beach as well as a fun pond to play in, I swear I will return every summer!

Mom’s Place, Mobile:  Brenda and Bob Lee know how to entertain. Friendly and kind, they know how to make life-long friends too!  Plus, Mom’s Place is glamour with a little love tossed in for good measure. Hot tub and a pool, this place is a must visit!

Roy’s Lighthouse, Catalina:  This lighthouse stayover was one of a kind. We couldn’t stop admiring the detailed work that went into this place. If you’ve ever had a dream about sleeping in a lighthouse, then visit! And ask owner Kristy Sweet where the motivation for this beautiful place came from. 

Route 66, Carbonear: We had so much fun at Route 66! The fact that Ray Johnson was there playing accordion didn’t hurt of course, plus the food and service is second to none! 

Try their muscles! You will need a spoon for the sauce!

The Vimy, Spaniard’s Bay: I love Mary. She makes sleep overs fun, and she serves the best breakfast I think we’ve ever eaten, plus the boutique! Wow!

Oh! Check it out! Great selection and great prices and great service too.  

IceBerg Alley B &B, Twillingate: What’s not to love about Twillingate? Well, Wendy and Danny make a stay even better with their hospitality. 

A stunning place to stay, and a warm loving feeling from the second you first slip into those hand knitted slippers. 

Marble Mountain, Steady Brook: There’s so much to see and do and experience at Marble Mountain all year long. Oh! Try the ribs onsite and pair that with their unique coleslaw! 

Check out the Spider Challenge – if you dare – and go for a zip too!

North Atlantic Ziplines, Petty Harbour: These guys know how to ramp up fun – and they know how to build up confidence to! The best in the tourism business when it comes to fun on bust! 

Grates Cove Studios, Grates Cove:  This place and the family who run it are near and dear to our hearts. What a story they have to share, and what a great piece of heaven on earth they inhabit. 

Discover the art of unpolished living here.  Go for the unique food, and you’ll never want to leave. Ask about the beauty of sea weed too! 

Lobster Pods, South River:  I didn’t know what to expect but we had the time of our lives here! 

The kids adored it, the dogs loved it, and we spent the day exploring the beauty around us and enjoying our lodgings.   

Lobster Pool, Hillgrade: Eileen is the queen! People line up to eat their grub and experience their hospitality. Go once, you will be back! Fish cakes to die for, folks!

Marble Inn & Suites Salt Water Spa, Steady Brook: Go to the spa and ask for Pamela! The best spa experience on the planet! Their saltwater experience for two is a must. Plus, we enjoyed the best pizza ever at The Cove!

Doctors House Inn & Spa, Green’s Harbour: This spot is now one of my favourite getaways. The food – best beef I’ve ever tasted – is incredible and the views and staycation offerings are too numerous to mention. One stay and you will be back.   

Ocean Delight, Heart’s Delight: I think this place may be the most romantic location on earth. Stunning views of the ocean and the setting sun but also a vibe inside that insists you hold hands and cuddle. A place with so much heart, you won’t want to leave. 

The Quay, Brigus:   Best ever Blueberry Crisp. Order the sampler. You’ll be glad you did! Great to share and enjoy while in one of the most beautiful places in this province. 

The Cove, Freshwater: This house has so much history and the views from the kitchen window will insist that you dine in! Take a good camera as there’s so much to experience you won’t want to forget one thing.

Michelle’s Fine Arts, Carbonear: Take a class or just experience the beauty of Michelle’s work on its own. The best textures and the most incredible colours. 

Jigs & Reels, Green’s Harbour: Beauty and fun and great food in one spot! What’s not to love? You might even meet a star! Kellie Loder was there the day we visited. 

Studio Boutique, Carbonear: Ask for Kat! The service is so amazing you’ll return for that alone, but the clothing and other items available are unique too! 

Rising Tide Theatre, Trinity: Visiting Trinity is like experiencing life in one magical place, and the talent on display at Rising Tide Theatre will enhance that experience. Try their dinner theatre. You won’t be sorry you did. 

New World Island Dinner Theatre, Twillingate: We laughed until we cried from the humour, and then we cried because we were so touched by the local talent on display.  The food was incredible too!

Iceberg Quest, St. John’s:  With fabulous music and incredible views and great staff, this is a party at sea. Arthur O’Brien was there when we sailed and our experience was one of a kind. Great memories are made with these folks! 

Round Da Bay Inn, Plate Cove West:  Ask to meet Charlie! Better yet, have him join you for breakfast. Check out the themed rooms and pick your fav, and then help support some of the amazing charity work being performed by these kind-hearted people. 

By The Sea, King’s Cove: Order the cod tongues. Amazing! Make sure you go back for breakfast, too. What a beautiful location, what a stunning community and what a great place to stay. 

The Stone Jug, Carbonear: This beautiful place has so much glamour and sophistication, and the food is off the charts yummy. A romantic spot or a great place to take the family.  

The Dildo Brewery & Museum: Cod tacos to die for and great pizza too. And oh yeah! Beer! Get a flight and find your fav. 

Margie’s Place By the Pond, Placentia: The kitchen in this place will blow your mind. Then, the master suite will do it again! But check out the rest of the house too for a step back in time. This converted former parish priest house is a must explore location. 

The Cliff House, Dunville: The beauty of Cliff House is not to be believed. From the outside to the inside, the detailed hand-crafted work will leave you inspired to amp up your own surroundings. Stay here once and you will return! 

Baccalieu Trail Brewing Co., Bay Roberts:  We tasted these delightful offerings at The Quay, but they are available many places. Visit the brewery itself as they have some amazing food offerings to pair with your beverages. 

Windamere Cabins, Rattling Brook: These amazing log cabins are in a brilliant setting and are a great place to stay when you want great access to the many hiking trails and beaches in the area.  

Sandy Cove Cabins, Sandy Cove:  Oh! The beach! Walk, stay, play and explore. A great place for beach glass, and a fun vacation spot for all. 

Frozen in Time Winery, Markland: Order one of their charcuterie boards and then taste the wine offerings. Cloudberry, Blackcurrant or Blueberry, there’s many to taste. Check out their healthy Iron Berry products too! Plus, you can stay! 

Seacliff House Pro., Brigus: Have something from your childhood you’ve long wanted to have again? Check out Seacliff House! Wander the isles, find your treasure and be gobsmacked. 

Wind at your back Lazy River, Whitbourne: We enjoyed ourselves so much this day. It was fun and laughter under the sun and on the water. Highly recommended for everyone.  We want to return with a bigger group because it’s so much fun. 

St. John’s Walking Tours: The history will amaze you, even if you are from the Avalon. It’s something worth spending a few hours on for come from aways and livyers alike.

Mad Rock Cafe, Bay Roberts: Best fish and brewis and the biggest laugh ever with the staff. So much fun, and incredible grub. Go and then tell your friends!  

Dream Chalet Getaways & Event Planning, Brigus Junction:A glamorous staycation spot with a touching back story, this is a great spot to either escape and get away from it all, or to invite the entire family to join you for a visit!

Rise Over, Brigus: The views are incredible and the food is amazing. We had mussels and cod the day we were there but there’s so much more to try that we will visit again and again to fit in many more menu items. A great Sunday drive spot for an afternoon mug up.