Vegan Meal Tour of St. John’s

Think all vegans live off of tofu and fruits? Think again! Here is a myth-busting tour of some of the best vegan-friendly cuisine in St. John’s.


There’s a huge misconception amongst the vegan community in which non-vegans believe vegans survive off of tofu, fruit, and vegetables. This, my friends, could not be farther from the truth. 

In late 2014, I made the decision to go full vegetarian for moral reasons. By the summer of 2017, I decided to commit to the vegan life. This meant no more dairy, eggs, or animal products such as gelatin in gummy candies or Jell-O. 

In an attempt to prove to non-vegans that we in fact do NOT live off of tofu, fruits and vegetables, I’ve compiled a list of some top-rated, specific vegan meals from around our capital city of St. John’s. Give ‘er a try! 

Peaceful Loft is at the top of our list. Located at 250 Duckworth Street, this all vegetarian and vegan restaurant offers a variety of meals including tons of Asian influenced options. Top picks from Peaceful Loft are the Singapore Noodles and BBQ Pork & Duck with rice. 

Evoo in the Courtyard is a Mediterranean inspired restaurant located in the courtyard of the historic Murray Premises Hotel in downtown St. John’s. They offer an entirely separate vegan menu which includes lots of their specialty cashew based cheeses and cream bases, and often times offer vegan feature meals as well. Top meals from Evoo include Vegan Bruschetta, the Mushroom Pappardelle and the vegan Mediterranean pizza.  

Our third stop on the vegan meal tour of St. John’s possibly holds the best vegan tacos in Canada. Poyo (Poyo & The Sprout Take Out), located at 364 Duckworth Street, describe themselves as kickass-late-night-Mexican-inspired-vegetarian scoff. Accepting cash only, stop by this place to dabble in taco, and burrito and enchilada, heaven. Top picks go to the Avocado Bean Taco, and the Pico de gallo taco. Oh, and did I mention they’re open until 4 a.m. on weekends?

Fixed Coffee, 183 Duckworth Street, is known for their one single-origin coffee brew of the day — never brewing blended coffee. First of all, stop by Fixed Coffee for the best cup of vegan chai tea latte in the city. Second of all, they have a breakfast menu available until 11 a.m. and a lunch menu available until 3 p.m. I would highly suggest grabbing a breakfast tofu wrap to go along with your chai tea latte.  

If you’re like me, you probably crave pizza at least twice a week. Panago Pizza in Mount Pearl offers Daiya cheese and meat-free pepperoni for a quick take-out pizza option. Take it to the next level and head to Olio Pizzeria at 77 Harvey Road to try one of their many vegan pizza options including top picks the Jackson Regular, the Artie Party Regular and the Julie Regular.

Find menus and business hours for each restaurant online, and write in to The Herald with any vegan food reviews.

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