Web Exclusive: Newspaper Fashion Show

Few emerging artists have made quite the impression in such a short span as indie rockers Newspaper Fashion Show. Oddly named, yet undeniably addictive live or dialed in to a set of headphones or bluetooth speaker, the five-piece group of Jacob Quinton, Jeremy Gillam, Aaron Beswick, John Purchase and Zakk Sullivan are something to watch on the heels of their debut record, A Rope Against The Sun. 

So who are Newspaper Fashion Show? We sat down with Quinton and Sullivan to find out.

“We wanted to go on the record for a long time that we’re the perfect mid-point between Sherman Downey and Kanye West,” jokes Sullivan, who joined the band in 2016. “We play indie rock-pop tunes but we’re trying not to sacrifice the fact that we’re a rock ‘n’ roll band with what we’re playing. If you come out to see us live you can expect a party, for sure. At the same time we’re a rock band.”

While firmly maintaining their roots in the growing surge of the indie rock movement, Newspaper Fashion Show are nothing but not proud of their Newfoundland roots. A Rope Against The Sun is both tribute and testament to that fact.

“I know when the guys wrote it they had a lot of Newfoundland’s culture in mind,” says Sullivan. “We’re trying to convey that we’re sticking to Newfoundland’s culture and roots while still being an accessible rock band. We don’t want to give up on the Newfoundland traditions that we’ve grown up on, but we still want to make rock music in terms of what rock music is.”

“It definitely speaks to the idea of being able to create art in Newfoundland, that doesn’t sound like Newfoundland music, particularly, and being able to embrace and be proud of the fact that you’re from Newfoundland,” adds Quinton. “There are all these quirks about the St. John’s music scene, but nobody who plays in St. John’s or Newfoundland, whether they make it big or not, would be anything without St. John’s or Newfoundland itself and the way everyone comes out to your show and wants to have a good time. All of your friends get together and come out no matter what.”

Catch Newspaper Fashion Show live on November 9th at Dusk with special guests Park Day and Har_Soul. Pick up the November 26-Dec 2. issue of The Newfoundland Herald (on stands November 12th) for our full interview with Newspaper Fashion Show. 

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