You Go Girl Travel Club

Daphne Hart, creator and operator of You Go Girl Travel, gives us the rundown on her flourishing business, a travel club for women right here in St. John’s


Now that it’s officially summer, use the semi-occasional sun as inspiration while you brainstorm your next getaway off the island. Not only does travelling provide a glimpse into other rich cultures and history, or maybe just a lot of relaxation, it also gives you the opportunity to get away from everything and everyone temporarily, which is sometimes just what we need to reset. 

Premier Destinations

You Go Girl Travel Club Inc. is an exclusive travel club for women focused on premier travel destinations. Specializing in small group departures, Daphne Hart, creator and operator of You Go Girl, accompanies each adventure as group leader with only one goal in mind — exceed your travel expectations.    

Hart is from right here in St. John’s and began her career in travel as a Travel Consultant over 22 years ago. From there, she worked her way up the ranks as Groups and Tour Coordinator, manager of two travel offices, and finally as Director of Sales and Marketing before building her own dream company. 

With no lack of wanderlust, Hart has travelled extensively, including 13 Caribbean Islands, Central and South America, as well as spending an entire month in Egypt. She has also travelled to England and 10 countries throughout Europe, cruising 15 times throughout the Egyptian Nile, the Islands of Hawaii, Mexico, the German Rhine and the European Mediterranean.

“I’m so excited about the group, I’ve never worked so hard in all my life, honest to God, but I love it,” Hart shared with The Newfoundland Herald.

“I’m so passionate about it and I mean, I have 22 years of experience in the business, I’ve done a lot of travel and so this is easily what I wanted, this is my dream. The goal is to provide a high level of personalized customer service to the members to ensure that their travel dreams are fulfilled while traversing our exotic and adventurous planet.”

The travel club has six divisions, which Hart personally created as a way to ensure each trip is suitable and offers exactly what the traveller wants. With divisions like Indiana Jane, which is created for the adventurous who want to trek through the rainforest of Costa Rica or hike to Machu Picchu, to the OMG division, which caters towards the glitz and glam of the French and Italian Rivieras. 

“There’s the Bucket List division, which is very personal maybe like somewhere that someone’s family is originally from,” Hart explained.

“Then there’s the Arts History and Literary Journeys, private journeys and the Sadie Hawkins departures, where once or twice a year we say grab your spouse and we’ll do a departure like that. These are all tailor-made.” 

Dream it, Do it!

“I created You Go Girl Travel Club as an exclusive club for women, with the option once or twice a year to take your spouse. I created this club because I know so many fantastic women that I’ve worked with and am really good friends with, and they all tend to put everybody else’s priorities above their own. We all know how fun it is to just get away with your best buddies. I mean, I love it, I absolutely love it,” she shared. 

“It’s about rejuvenating yourself and refreshing yourself and rewarding yourself for all the hard work that you do in your life, and that’s basically what my group is all about.” 

Her passion and dedication to not only travelling, but also to her career, truly show through her results. Taking time to understand the travel styles and needs of each member, keeping it as intimate as possible and delivering lifelong memories to each group. 

For information on each division, upcoming departures and membership benefits, please visit or their Facebook page You Go Girl Travel Club, or call 709-722-4475(GIRL).

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