Your Glowing Health Yoga & Nutrition Retreat

By: Christine Hennebury


The Your Glowing Health Yoga Nutrition Retreat has been a longtime dream for organizers Kathy Noseworthy and Stacey Tuttle. They knew what they wanted to accomplish, and how to accomplish it, the only obstacle was timing.

Bringing it Together

“We first discussed planning a retreat a few years ago, before Stacey headed off to The Institute of Holistic Nutrition,” Noseworthy says. “This is the first summer we will have been in the same place for quite some time, so the timing was perfect to bring it all together.”

Tuttle adds, “We met through the Energy Exchange Program at Moksha Yoga and we have collaborated on workshops together in the past. This is a unique way of combining both of our talents.”

Noseworthy, who is one of the instructors at Moksha yoga in St. John’s is a registered yoga teacher trained in hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga. Tuttle is a holistic nutritionist and the plant-based chef behind Your Glowing Health, as well as the co-runner of a seasonal pop-up dinner series called Well & Good Dinners.

The retreat, which will be held at The Meems in Elliston between August 17 and 19, 2018, will include yoga, a foraging hike, and a wellness-oriented cooking class. 

The decision to hold the retreat in Elliston grew out of Tuttle and Noseworthy’s previous experiences on the Bonavista Peninsula. 

Fell in Love with Area

“I spent last summer and fall cooking at The Boreal Diner in Bonavista,” Tuttle says. “I fell in love with the area after discovering the beautiful coastline and trails.”

Noseworthy, who has been a frequent visitor to the area, agreed that it would be the perfect location for a weekend retreat. They are hoping that their retreat will complement the other ventures that are making the Bonavista Peninsula the province’s newest ‘hotspot.’

The retreat is open to anyone and no special skill or training is required. Experienced yoga practitioners or cooks can expect to encounter some new ideas, while novice attendees will get a comfortable introduction.

“We’re both pretty well-versed in creating accessible environments where people can enjoy themselves and learn something new,” Noseworthy says. “The activities are designed to make people feel confident, relaxed, and restored.”

Noseworthy is teaching both Yin and Flow yoga classes during the retreat. The Yin sessions are slow paced. The asanas (poses) are held for longer periods of time to help increase circulation and flexibility. 

Flow classes are more meditative and are designed to promote awareness of your inner self. The focus in these sessions is on the breath and the movement between asanas.

Foraged Foods

Noseworthy will have some mats, blocks, and straps available, but attendees who have their own should plan to bring them. 

Tuttle’s foraging hike will allow her to share her experience of foraged foods and herbal medicine.  

“Rural Newfoundland is full to the brim with these goodies,” Tuttle says. “Participants can expect to find wild mushrooms, berries, roots, herbs, and more. They will learn how to properly locate, harvest, and use these foods as culinary nutrition.”

Her cooking class will allow guests to cook with familiar local foods, but they will be incorporating them in unusual ways. They will be expanding their current skills and creating seasonably variable dishes that will let them make even ordinary meals a little more special.

“I’m very passionate about building flavour and about creating joyful experiences around food,” Tuttle says. “The class will demonstrate that healthy food can be beautiful, delicious, and easy to prepare.” 

Both Noseworthy and Tuttle are very excited to be bringing their skills together at this brand new event. They are looking forward to sharing this experience with their guests. 

“It’s sure to be an amazing weekend,” Noseworthy says. “It will be a great addition to the Newfoundland wellness scene.”

Relaxing & Rejuvenating

Tuttle agrees, “We truly want people to have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend in one of the most beautiful corners of the province. We want to foster a sense of peacefulness and teach an appreciation for how bountiful Newfoundland truly is.”

For more information about the Your Glowing Health Yoga and Nutrition Retreat, please visit Your Glowing Health’s Facebook page, or call 763-3449/699-2070.

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