In this touching, powerful one-on-one, an emotional Sharon Snow shares what it’s like to reach half a century while reflecting on life, family, and her 27 years with Newfoundland Broadcasting


Sharon Snow had big shoes to fill the evening of January 14. Filling in for NTV’s chief Meteorologist Eddie Sheerr on the NTV Evening Newshour before a huge storm wallops the island with snow, rain, and freezing rain would rattle anyone’s cage. But not Snow. 

Looking beautiful (as always) and composed (as usual) she handled her duties with style and grace and smarts. “Stepping into Eddie’s shoes is a real gift for me,” she begins with a smile. 


Being on-air isn’t new for Snow, who was first hired for radio advertising sales with OZFM 27 years ago. 

“Back then, there were separate sales teams. One for radio, one for television and one for print. Since then, it’s transitioned to one media powerhouse; radio, print and television – and not just any radio, television and print, but the best in this province, a company with the furthest reach in this province. I’m with the best and that’s incredible. Being with it in it’s infancy stages, and still being here now, is a real joy,” she shares.

Jim Furlong was NTV’s News Director at the time. He invited her to make a demo tape, and as the saying goes, the rest is history – or a Day in History if you want to be cute about it. 

“I was asked to fill in for Toni-Marie for weather shortly after that, and it’s been such a beautiful experience. So, I’m thrilled I still get to do that,” she says.

Snow had much praise for the entire News Team. “Mark (Dwyer, NTV’s News Director) is so supportive. He’s a beautiful soul. And Toni gives of herself so freely. She gives anyone an opportunity. Some in her position may feel threatened, but she’s so gracious and that’s how she was right from the beginning when I first started filling in for her on the weather. 

“She supported me and encouraged me, and she let me put my own stamp on things. I didn’t have to do things her way, I could do it my way and she was always gracious and kind and supportive. And she’s still like that today with any of the newer staff. It’s beautiful.”


Speaking of beautiful things, Snow turned 50 on Christmas Eve, something she commemorated by having a photoshoot at JAG Hotel with pal and former colleague, Aamie Gillam. Why did she get glammed up? Because she wanted to!

“It was a celebration of being 50. I’m 50, fabulous, and fierce, and I wanted to capture that, not just for me, but for anyone facing that milestone who might not feel it’s all that great. I know, trust me. It wasn’t too many years ago that you’d think 50 was very different than what it actually is. When you spoke about anyone who was 50 it seemed ancient, right? Well, I don’t feel like I thought 50 would feel like.”

In her ‘younger days’, looking at hitting 50 was like looking towards the end, she jokes. Not anymore.

“50 has no impact physically or emotionally on me. It’s just a number, another milestone, another thing to celebrate.”

Something else to celebrate? Her 27 years with the company. “I sometimes can’t believe it. I’m in my 27th year with Newfoundland Broadcasting which means I’ve spent over half of my life here, and that’s pretty amazing.”

One of the blessings of a life spent in front of the camera is the people she meets. “I love chatting with anyone who feels comfortable enough to come up and talk with me. I hope no one feels I’m unapproachable because I’m on television. I think people feel I’m accessible because I’m honoured that people come up and chat with me at the grocery store or at the doctor’s office. That always reminds me of the impact and the power of media, so I always try and make the time if at all possible.”

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Something else she makes the time for is community events, like this year’s Frosty Festival. “I love the Frosty Festival, and all events like that. I feel getting out in the community is an extension of what this company feels is important; our viewers. The listeners. The readers. When I’m out there, like any of us hosting these local events, we are stressing to the province and the community that we are their NTV. We are local, we are one of you and that’s what keeps us connected and that’s what keeps us humbly successful.”


Efforts like that show, she says. “Our ratings continue to grow and it’s so humbling that people continue to rely on us for hard-hitting news of course, but they also look to us and know we will be there supporting the local community at events like the Frosty Festival.”

If Snow is passionate about the community, she’s even more so when she talks about family.

“It’s so emotional being a mom and talking about my kids. They are so great. Ethan is almost 16 and Jorja is 13, and they are amazing kids,” she says as her usually smooth-as-silk voice cracks – just a little. There’s a reason for that. “Mom wasn’t always there, mom worked a lot because I was on air many supper hours. But they persevered and they are so supportive. They are really special.”

Snow sees herself in her children, and her smile returns as she speaks of the traits they share. “I see me in my son’s sense of humour and in his easygoingness and I see myself in my daughter in her organization skills and her ability to multi-task and she is proactive; she thinks and she gets it done and she makes a list and she gets that done. That’s so me,” she laughs.

One thing that’s been said about Snow over the years is that she has a kind heart. Where does that come from, we ask. 

“It’s my upbringing. My mom and dad are so gentle, quiet and kind. Rural Newfoundland values. They still live in Fogo. And my faith has been a force that has always gotten me through challenges and that will continue. It guides me. I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for a strong belief in a God that guides  and takes care and provides at times when you question your own abilities and your strength.”

Is there anything she’s most proud of? Yes, she answers, that she’s persevered. 

“I’m proud of being able to get through it all and handle it all – work, family, myself. It’s been a balancing act that I’ve had to figure out and at times I felt overwhelmed and felt things happened at the sacrifice of my family but today, at 50, I think I can say I always focused on the greater good and my choices were always made with the best intentions.”


Snow stresses her life has been filled with so many blessings on so many fronts. Family has always been number one, but her work has brought her so much joy too.

“My coworkers are so much fun and we support one another and we joke with one another,” she says. 

And being a part of a company where women are in so many important roles has been a sense of pride for her. “There’s so many strong women in this company and I believe they have had a huge impact on its success, and the credit for that goes to the top, to Geoff and to Scott Stirling for having the vision to put the right person in the right job, no matter the gender.”

Lorraine Pope, Director of Sales and Program Acquisitions with Newfoundland broadcasting is one person Snow admires.

“In this company, people like Lorraine know when to offer a hand, or when to give you a hand (she claps to demonstrate her play on words.) And I love that. I feel privileged we can work for a media company at a time when so much is changing globally on all fronts; in print, television and radio, and we have the strength that we have. We work in a place where we all flourish and are given the gift of earning a living at home doing what we all love.”


Speaking of things she loves, her Places to Go that airs Fridays on the award-winning NTV Evening Newshour is one of them.

“This February 2 it will be the 19th anniversary of that segment. There’s been so many interesting things. The biggest compliment is when people from away email me to say, I’m coming to the province and I’m using your Places to Go as a checklist for things to do. That makes me feel so proud,” she says.

 In 2020, Places to Go will celebrate their 20th in fine style, she says, hinting that this coming year – and the one to follow – might just be the best yet. “We will really celebrate that in a big way,” she teases with a twinkle in her eye. 

No wonder she’s sparkling and glowing. From turning 50, to her fabulous family and her major career milestones, Snow’s entire life seems like one huge celebration. She laughs. “I’m embracing every beautiful moment in this life I can,” she says with enthusiasm. Her smile, as anyone whose ever seen her in person or on television knows, is contagious. “Have a beautiful day,” she calls as we part ways. After time spent in such delightful company, it’s hard not to.


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8 thoughts on “PEOPLE | Yours truly, Sharon Snow

  1. gregory collins
    January 29, 2019

    well I think Sharon snow is so pretty and a nice person to meet and she is good with the weather

  2. Rhyodia
    January 29, 2019

    Happy Birthday, welcome to the club it isn’t all bad being 50 as long as you keep having fun.

  3. Barb Goodyear
    January 29, 2019

    Happy birthday ?? and congrats on you career hope you many more happy years .

  4. Andrea Payne
    January 30, 2019

    Love ya, Sharon. Classmate in school.50 yrs old didn’t hurt me either…. Love
    Your cousin……..Andrea Payne

  5. Lisa Jane Siulys
    July 22, 2019

    Sharon was my best friend when I lived in fogo in the early 80’s. We are the same age and kept in touch for many many years to follow. I am thrilled to read this article about this amazing woman. I’m so happy for her and all her accomplishments. I hope we can meet up again in this lifetime and chat until the sun comes up. Lisa
    Jane ( Melbourne ) Alberta , Canada.

  6. September 23, 2021

    Haven met Sharon,pretty women,she always find the time to chat or comment on something i send her on facebook.50 looks great on her.only a number,would love to meet her sometime.Thanks for your great work

  7. Yetman Pauline
    February 10, 2022

    Congratulations & Happy Birthday.
    I loved hosting you at both my locations, we had a blas and a half each time.. We look forward to seeing you again in any venture you take.
    God Bless from myself and all my staff at Route 66 Diner & Pub Carbonear.

  8. Margaret Snow
    February 11, 2022

    Happy birthday Sharon love watching you on the news

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