A Little Cup of Sea

A visit to a quaint beach hut called A Little Cup of Sea in Colliers soothes the soul and calms the mind

The day was dreary, but the sight was delightful: an adorable beach hut tucked away on the edge of the ocean. We had arrived at A Little Cup of Sea in Colliers. 

A fire lured a welcome – as did a spot of tea and the most delightful ‘waffeltons” (a cross between a waffle and a tradition NL touton) and owner Lacey Pike popped in for a welcoming greeting, picnic basket in hand with warmed waffeltons wrapped lovingly inside.

Stop for a moment

Pike, who just happens to be the deputy mayor of Colliers and a dotting mom to adorable son Finley, shared where the inspiration for her business came from.

“Part of the reason for moving home from Calgary after 15 years away was having Finley. Chris (her husband/Finley’s father) and I stopped for a moment and took stock of what we wanted life to look like going forward and we decided that we wanted it to slow down, we wanted to be closer to family, and we wanted Finley to grow up on island like we both did, with lots of space to explore and the ocean at his doorstep.”

They’ve done that and then some – and now they share that sea-at-your-fingertips experience with others.  

Part of dreaming up a business that could exist on their own property was something that would enable Pike to continue to be their son’s “stay at home mama.”  “Even when he starts school I will not only drop him off in the morning but I’ll also be there standing outside to take him home when the school day ends,” she said proudly. 

Love for the ocean

“The other part was sharing my love for the ocean, and creating a space to help others to stop for a moment. I wanted everyone to be able to stop and be in the moment, to offer a place to catch their breath, take a deep breath and relax year round,” she said.

Their adorable Little Cup of Sea has grown – mostly by word of mouth!  

“Originally the hut was just a little addition to the paddleboard and kayak rentals in the summer but the hut’s popularity has grown, and fast. I’m absolutely floored how well its being received.”

There’s been engagements, couples looking for a romantic spot to just relax, sisters, friends, and moms have come to wrap presents or to bond over tea and the tide!  “People are gifting beach hut time to their loved ones, patrons are booking multiple visits.  I’ve received some lovely heartfelt messages from guests about what the time in the hut has meant for them,” she said proudly.

Her early vision for the business plan was to offer a place to help people slow down and savour their lives.

“A Little Cup of Sea is a nouvelle vague tourism operation whose mission is to calm and nurture souls through a unique combination of environment and connection with nature through activity – one paddle, one cup of tea, one rainy seaside day at a time,” she said.  

For her, the passion for sea down-time began at a young age and it never left, in fact a childhood friend sent Pike a copy of a poem she had written while in grade four. 

Pike smiled at the memory. 

“I remember that visit to the beach in Bottle Cove. I’ve always loved spending time in the landwash. I’m in the processes of having a painting created of Bottle Cove that I’m going to add into the beach hut collection with a copy of that childhood poem to remind myself of why we’re here.” 

For more visit alittlecupofsea.ca or on Facebook and Instagram.

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