Our Divas Do Christmas: A Million Reasons to Celebrate

Our Divas have been delighting and wowing audiences for 15 years while also raising money for deserving charities totaling a half-a-million in holiday giving


Sheilagh Guy Murphy jokes that this just might be the year the Our Divas Do Christmas  host gets a new dress. “It’s been 15 years, after all,” she laughs.

Chances are she just might, considering the work that’s gone into this year’s gowns. Designer Amy Edwards has created The Diva Collection to help raise funds for this year’s charity, The Pottle Centre, a social centre for consumers of mental health services in St. John’s.

Diva-like fashions

“Each year Our Divas Do Christmas supports a local charity or organization and this year’s choice will get extra support by auctioning off unique, very diva-like fashion designs,” Guy Murphy says proudly.

There’s not only spectacular Diva-worthy gowns however; Edwards  has also created a men’s jacket with seal skin detailing.

“With this incredible collection, let’s hope I get a new dress. There’s some gossip I overheard backstage. That’s all I can say.”

After 15 glorious years of Divas, what can fans of the franchise expect when the show takes to the Arts and Culture Centre stage Dec. 5-8?

Expect spectacular

There’s no hesitation. “The show will be spectacular. There will be exciting new performers and some of the traditional pieces that our audiences just want us to never let go of.”

From six aerials flying through the air to an incredible fashion show, this is the event of the year.  “It’s going to be quite brilliant this year, though audiences never walk away disappointed.”

The biggest part, however, is the fact that Our Divas do so much giving.  “For 15 years our Divas has been giving and this year is no different.”

Guy Murphy says she’s incredibly proud that she and director Terri Andrews have selected to support The Pottle Centre this year.

“We have a couple of people in our Divas family who identify with mental stress and anxiety. We also have mental health advocates. We’re always there to help where we can,” she says sincerely.

A giving mandate

“We keep in mind that four out of five Canadians live with mental health issues. We realize that it affects everyone in our community.’’ But giving has become an Our Divas mandate.

From scholarships in support of the arts, to a practice dragon boat in support of breast cancer to cash donations, Our Divas has given over half-a-million-dollars to various organizations.  From their humble beginnings, back when Our Divas, now presented by Tada Events, was just a concept, to having over 7,000 fill a stadium, Guy Murphy says the Divas has been a delight. “Terri and I had a conversation 15 years ago where we said we thought we could fill a stadium with only local talent as a draw. We did that with Our Divas,  and audiences every year since have been absolutely wowed by the performances.”

To see more of Amy Edwards designs visit Tada Events, Facebook. For more on The Pottle Centre visit pottlecentre.org. For show tickets visit artsandculturecentre.com.



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