A Year in the Making

There’s nothing like a message from a friend reminding you that you haven’t seen one another in a dog’s age and she (like ya would) misses your company. It’s been a year, the message read. I miss you. Well, the feeling was mutual and I missed her too, so we started trying to make a plan to rectify that, pronto.

A night with the kiddies at the camper the following weekend was the solution. My daughter – with the help of some of her best buds – was finally old enough to babysit my girlfriend’s younger two  boys as us mommies consumed a little (loads of) wine, we figured. Sarah and I could bond over the bottle(s) as the kiddies entertained themselves. Sounds like a plan.

Halloween Hijinks

The campground just happened to be holding their early Halloween party that weekend, so the youngsters even had an opportunity to get dressed up in their goofy gear prior to going camper-to-camper begging for grub from (practically) strangers. What else could you ask for?

That extra bit of excitement made the night even sweeter, though I admit there were a few; oh crap! The kiddies may have had just a tad too much sugar for our ‘they sleep while we drink our faces off plan’ moments.  We shouldn’t have worried. While young bodies pretty much slept where they dropped that night making the drunken mommy headin’ to bed mambo a little like dodging human land mines, we giggled and uttered (slurred) a few; awwwww, isn’t that cutes? as we found a warm corner to crawl and drop on for what was left of the night. The cutest was the morning after. As Sarah and I poorly hid our hangovers, the older girls filled us in on the antics of the night before. Sarah’s youngest didn’t want to go to sleep, and the girl’s sweetly mimicked his much repeated; “but I’m not tie-yard!’’

The girls, realizing both Henry and Jack had probably had too much sugar from their Halloween bags, told us of offering up broccoli, carrot sticks and strawberries with a stern; that’s all you’re getting tonight! Just like little replacement mommies should do. I was so proud of their sternness. I’ve obviously been a great bad example!

Responsible Rulers

The best part? The girl’s felt like responsible rulers and the boys adored their elders, plus, no one came looking for a real mom once that night (or early into the am hours, but who’s counting?) I’m glad Sarah and I didn’t do what is so easy to do; let another year pass before we actually got together. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said; it’s been too long! Let’s get together, but never actually do so, I’d be rich in silver, but so very poor in nurtured friendships.

While a hangover that lasted all Sunday was a little hard on this 48 year-old body, it was a small price to pay for a red wine infused reunion with a good friend.  Sarah, let’s not wait another year. Cheers to friendship!

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