First-class wedding photographer Aamie Gillam aims to tell a story and capture life-lasting moments, for the happiest day of her clients’ lives


Everyone’s wedding is different and unique to their personalities and style. However, when it comes to planning a wedding, there are certain factors that everybody looks for one and the same. Great caterers with tasty food, impressive wedding attire, and of course, a talented photographer.

Subsequent to your wedding, your flowers will wilt, your cake will be eaten, but photographs are timeless. They will capture the memories, and tell a story that you can share and look back on forever.


The Newfoundland Herald caught up with Aamie Gillam, longtime member of the Stirling Communications family, and a photography professional for over eight years specializing in weddings near and far.

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“In the beginning, I took pictures of friends, which turned into photographs of their friends and before I knew it, complete strangers were in front of my camera paying me to take their photographs,” Gillam explained. 

Gillam has had the honour of photographing former colleagues, and very familiar named weddings including Toni-Marie Wiseman, Eddie Sheerr, and Stephanie O’Brien. In 2013, her husband Jim joined in on the business, creating an awesome husband and wife photography duo.


“We’re storytellers at heart, whether we capture your story on the rocky shores of Newfoundland or the sandy beaches down south. Each wedding we photograph has a little piece of us in it and because we get so involved in their big days, there’s a good chance our clients become lasting friends.”

“We reached nearly 10,000 followers on our Facebook page, I was nominated for NLOWE’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and AGP was named the first Newfoundland Fearless Photographer. I strongly believe the harder you work for something today, the more you gain tomorrow, professionally and personally,” Gillam asserts.

“Jim and I are looking forward to launching the AGP YouTube Channel. We’re excited to bring followers along to our 2nd visit to WPPI. I’m thrilled to be back on television this year, as expert Canadian Wedding Photographers for a new wedding show.”

Gillam admits that it’s simply amazing to be part of a magical moments like weddings, “It gives me goosebumps, I might need a tissue just thinking about it.”

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