One Paradise woman makes it her life’s calling to bring out, and capture, the best in others


Amanda Roberts of Amanda Roberts Photography opens by saying she’s always had a keen eye when it comes to seeing the beauty in almost everything. 

From her cats to her kids, to almost anyone willing to pause and pose for her camera, Roberts honed her photography skills the old-fashioned way – one click at a time.

“I’ve always had an interest in photography, then back about nine years ago, I did an online course and I got myself a nice camera, and I started playing around with it a little bit and just took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.”

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Roberts went back to school again a few years ago for more photography training, and since then she hasn’t stopped snapping.

That just might be an understatement for this very busy mom of three.
“Everyone has a busy schedule, but the kids help me too, when they can. Especially my daughter, Leah. She’s a model for me. I also use my friends’ kids just to change it up if I’m trying something new,” she explains.  

But then Roberts will capture just about anything when the mood strikes. From food photography for businesses, to family portraits, to babies and pets, anything goes, she says. 

“My cats are sometimes my victims,” she says with a laugh. 

We ask if she has a favourite session style, and while she loves them all, she does enjoy ones that can get a little messy.

“I enjoy the cake smashes. They’re really fun. I take a lot of time and plan that with the parents and we pick a theme and just have fun. Sometimes we’ll stick the baby in a little tub of water after and let them splash around a little.” 


Capturing that perfect moment isn’t hard, Roberts shares, because she just ‘keeps clicking.’ 

“I’m always clicking the camera. I say I’m trigger happy, but sometimes the best image is one you didn’t plan for. You get those shots sometimes of someone and they’re not even looking or they’re just staring out into space, the candid stuff, and it turns out really well.”

Roberts has an image of her daughter she treasures like that. In it, her daughter is holding a rose.

“It just captures her, and that’s what I love about my job. I see that picture, and I’m drawn to it. To be able to give that gift to others is what this business is all about.”

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  1. Sylvia Mackey
    April 17, 2021

    Amanda is doing a great job she a beautiful person inside and out. Love seeing her work a great job.

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