An Island of Beauty

There’s so much to love about Newfoundland & Labrador and Come Home Year 2022 is the perfect time to take it all in

NTV’s Chief Meteorologist Eddie Sheerr loves the great NL outdoors, but the best part of all is sharing the beauty of this place with his family, particularly his young daughters, Emily and Allie

Trinity. Bonavista. Champney’s West. Bear Cove Beach. Lockston Path Provincial Park. If you follow NTV’s Eddie Sheerr on social media, no doubt you’ve seen a few of his eye-popping pictures along his travels of the beauty this province has to offer. 

Sheerr and his wife Susan have long been outdoor enthusiasts, but knowing they can now share that love with their daughters Emily and Allie has brought so much more joy to their adventures, he shared. While Allie is too young to have a bird’s eye view from daddy’s shoulders or backpack, she  does enjoy the stroller, Sheerr said. 

A great summer

“Emily still likes the ride. My back doesn’t like it quite as much now that she’s older, but she still does. She likes to go in the carrier, and seems to really enjoyed it no matter where we go if she up there looking around.” 

Allie also seems to have a love of the great outdoors. “Allie has a stroller, so I haven’t put her up in the carrier yet. She’s a bit too small yet I think, but she likes going around and seeing everything.”

We ask Sheerr if his family have any favourite views to take in. 

“The entire island is beautiful in and of itself. Cape Bonavista was really nice. We were out there on a really nice day but really any anywhere that has a view is a good area. And I’m really glad that we get to enjoy it like we do.”

What about the weather? It’s been a great summer so far. While Sheerr would love to take the credit for the sunshine and warm temps, he just laughed. 

“We got off to a bit of a slow start with maybe a few less than great days, but it’s been phenomenal and it looks like it’s going to continue. And we were outside  having lunch together a couple of weeks ago and it was probably 25, 26 degrees and there was no wind.”

While not one to usually complain about such things, no wind in Newfoundland can mean bugs!

“Typically,  you’re out and loving sunshine and no wind, but the bugs! In Newfoundland you are usually wishing for the wind to calm down, but I was wishing for it to pick up, though I got used to it. Emily had a few bites and the flies were circling, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway,” he said with a chuckle. 

Sheerr has had a busy year work and family wise. A new baby combined with a busy, windy winter kept him hopping, but he still makes time for those who reach out to him, like Jake Thompson of NTV’s NL Now.

“I was his first guest and I’m in the hundredth anniversary show, and it was definitely an honour to be back with Jake. It’s really good to see him making that show a success. He’s done a great job and it’s great to see him continue.”

Sheerr, who was visiting family when we spoke, paused to speak with Emily who was working hard to get her daddy’s attention. He has to go. It’s family time.  Sheerr’s last words were ones we should all heed. “Newfoundland is a beautiful place to live or to visit. Take in as much of the beauty as you can.”