ARTS | No Change in the Weather Wows St. John’s Audiences, Sells out in Toronto

Newfoundland musical No Change In The Weather just wrapped its acclaimed run at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John’s, and now its heading to Toronto for an engagement of sold out performances.

The production has received critical acclaim, with noted activist and all around good person Hasan Hai calling the event “a delightful show,” and VOCM’s Terry Hart Tweeting that the “NL talent is phenomenal.”

Synopsis: Peggy O’Brien has died. Her family and friends sneak her corpse out of the funeral home (and tanning salon) and back across the water to her family home, on the unsettled island of God’s Back Pocket. As this brood of body snatchers wake Peggy into the light a wandering American and newly stationed Constable from Quebec find themselves in the middle of a family racket that exposes decades of pettiness, secrets, and enough familial bad blood to ruin every Christmas for eternity.

Estranged brothers, a child of unknown parentage, and a slide show of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most farcical political blunder, Churchill Falls, collide with the supernatural in this outlandish east coast musical that is sure to have you tapping your toes, and shaking your bewildered head.

No Change In The Weather features an ensemble cast that includes Kelly Ann-Evans, Steve Ross, Duff MacDonald, Vicki Harnett Philip Goodridge and Melanie O’Brien among others, with musical accompaniment from Josh Ward, Chuck Bucket, Kelly Russell, Tamsyn Russell, Alex Abbott, Kat McLevey and Grant King.

The all star creative and production team includes Berni Stapleton, Steve Cochrane, Jesse Grandmont, Paul Kinsman and Bob Hallett.

Congratulations to all hands. Knock em’ dead in Toronto!

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