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Sometimes good things happen to good people. It’s a fringe statement, as rare as a unicorn, but when these mythical chupacabras rise from the ether, they always hit close to the heart.

Kellie Loder is such a person deserving of all the praise, accolades and legacy-building moments they deserve. 

Loder, who by now you’d know kicked serious ass in the second season of Canada’s Got Talent, is the total package of talent and humility, a down-to-earth, let’s have a tea and chat before I tear the house-down with this song sort, who unapologetically rocked the nation to its core this past spring.

And no, while Loder did not take home the title, we Newfoundlanders – who damn near broke the Internet in an attempt to make it so – have more than embraced the gifted artist and entertainer as our next flag-bearer. 

Here’s why that’s important.

Loder is authentic. In an industry that breeds parody, shifting ideologies and mask-wearing (and no, not the COVID-kind), they are as true to self as one can be.

Proudly wearing their provincial pride and this-is-me take it or leave it attitude on their sleeve, Loder has a chance – a real honest-to-goodness chance – at becoming much more than a successful singer-songwriter. Few can transcend that paper-thin line between artist and all-out inspiration, and Loder is knocking on that door.

By allowing the next wave of dreamers who dare to – as Loder so profoundly puts it – walk in their truth, Loder shoulders the real-world responsibility of becoming an ideal, one that says that reality of place, circumstance or identity cannot and will not hold you down from dream-catching.

When asked in our in-depth and emotional cover-story sitdown what exactly it means to the rising talent to become a role-model, Loder was quick with an emotionally cutting response: “It’s so affirming, because that’s all I ever wanted … I want people to come to my show and have an experience and let their emotions come up and let them out. And hopefully be inspired to also be true to who they are and live their best life.”

Loder, indeed, is living their best life, with all the truth, authenticity and enviable passion that separates the goods from the true greats. 

I don’t exactly know what the future holds for Kellie Loder. But be it money, fame or worldwide travel badges, they have earned it, and not the easy way. Because sometimes good things happen to good people.

Dillon Collins, The Herald’s Staff Writer, can be reached by emailing [email protected]

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