Between the Lines: (Royal) Love Conquers All

There’s been a word or two written about the subject of love. I haven’t conducted a worldwide poll or laid down a consistent amount of research, but I’d wager that no commodity (is love a commodity?) has been harvested, mass produced and wrapped in red ribbon quite like love and romance.

We know the ballads well, don’t we? “All you need is love, love is all you need.” Or, let’s try, “I want to know what love is, I want you to show me!” 

Not a fan of that, maybe soak up some Whitney: “AND I (YEEE-IIIII), WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU (UUUUUUU).”

Country, rock, rap, folk, hell, even heavy metal. When you’re running on empty, you can always turn to the heart for inspiration for the head. 

Warm fuzzy feelings

From the King of Pop to the Man in Black and Queen of Soul, they’ve all belted or crooned somethings and nothings about warm and fuzzy feelings deep down inside. And we, the eager public, tend to eat it up. Love sells. Hell, we have a holiday for it.

Nothing gets you in the mood for Valentine’s quite like romantic tunes, ammieright? Barry White, Prince, Celine Dion, Weird Al Yankovic. 

But what is love? (“Baby don’t hurt me, no more…”)

The songs sung and scripts and poems penned throughout history tell of tales of love conquering all. It’s the stuff worth risking it all for, worth dying for if you ask Shakespeare. 

It’s not quite death by poison, but Prince Harry and American actress turned mother-of-all-royal-troublemakers (if you ask the Brits) Meghan Markle literally turned in the kingdom for love

Well, maybe they were just sick of the politics and monarchical pettiness, but doesn’t love outlasting duty and lineage sound better?

Truth be told, I don’t care for the tabloid fodder that is the comings and goings of Britain’s royal family. Where the young princes and princesses go to school and what the Duchess of Sussex wears to Sunday service is of little interest to me. But to each and all their own.

Royal watchers have been having quite the field day with this one, haven’t they? Not since Edward VIII abdicated the throne in the mother of all regal upheavals in the form of his love and marriage to Wallis Simpson have fans of the monarchy been rocked quite so hard. 

Servant to the crown

In all honesty, Harry was never the model servant to the crown, not in the straitlaced and by the book ways of his brother, but his marriage to ‘an outsider’ provided ample ammunition for cover stories and Internet exposes to last ten Elizabethan reigns. 

But for now, Harry, Meghan and baby  Archie have ‘stepped back’ as senior members of the royal family, forgoing all the titles and trappings that come with it. We have no way of knowing how long this saga, and the families prolonged vacation (escape) to Canada will last. But for now it would seem loved has indeed conquered all. Even the crown.

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