Steve Fallon created BoilUp as a reminder of Newfoundland’s great outdoors and aims to provide rugged apparel for Newfoundlanders to fully enjoy it with

By Griffen Stuckless


BoilUp is a Newfoundland business owned by Steve Fallon that offers a unique service experience to Newfoundlanders. An online apparel company with no physical storefront, customers purchase clothing from their site and it’s delivered quickly – and for free if you’re in one of their covered areas – right to the doorstep.


“As soon as an order comes in, we want people not to have to wait for the product. We understand that if they order a product, they want it now,” said Fallon.

Hand-delivering to their covered areas, Fallon says it’s very important to cut out the use of delivery companies when possible. This way prices can remain as low as possible and packages get to their destination as quickly as they can.

Despite being a newer company, he says this method remains important to their core beliefs as a business. “We’ve had deliveries happen within half an hour to their door,” exclaimed Fallon. “We pride ourselves in quick (and) free delivery in the area.”

With rugged, outdoor clothing designed to represent and fit Newfoundland’s beautiful outdoors, Fallon says it’s a great reminder of our blessings as Newfoundlanders.

“I moved when I was 19 to Northern Ontario. When I was there I started work as a forest firefighter, and did that for four years,” said Fallon. “It was at that time I think that I discovered my love for the outdoors. Just being out there, dropped off in a helicopter in the middle of nowhere – you kind of have nothing to do other than fight that fire and appreciate the surroundings, ‘cause that’s all that’s there.”

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After fighting forest fires for four years, Fallon moved to Alberta in a job that he found had a lot of negativity. His solution? Get back to nature. His outlet was the mountains of Alberta. Going out and enjoying the surroundings was his way of destressing and clearing his head.


“Eventually, I made my way back with my wife here in Newfoundland, as many Newfoundlanders do,” said Fallon. “And I found myself guilty of what many Newfoundlanders are, really, and that’s taking the beauty of this province of Newfoundland for granted.”

After moving around Canada, Fallon realized that Newfoundland had an outdoor experience like no other – something he didn’t appreciate enough as a kid.

Whilst visiting his in-laws in Clarenville, Fallon noticed an old, rusty copper kettle sitting in the corner – his wife’s great grandfather’s. This would become the logo and inspiration for the name of his new company – BoilUp. Feeling that the copper kettle symbolizes getting back to our outdoor roots as Newfoundlanders, Fallon believes it’s the perfect logo.


“The old copper kettle,” mused Fallon. “It screams Newfoundland to those who know it. They know the history of boil-ups in the woods, and I think any Newfoundlander that sees that kettle knows (and) can relate to what it was and is used for today.”

The products serve as more than a reminder, though, according to Fallon. He says they’re made to withstand Newfoundland’s outdoors and are designed to be light, rugged and affordable – the perfect mix for outdoor activity.

Layered to meet any situation, he says the clothing line is a great fit for everything outdoors – whether that be hiking, fishing, hunting, biking or anything in between – sculpted to fit consumer needs.

“We want people to buy our product because, yes, it has a Newfoundland logo, but it’s also usable clothing. And (for) people, that’s their go-to – grabbing it out of the closet if they’re going to do these activities.”


For more information visit, or find them on Facebook & Instagram

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