Glen Carter | In His Own Words

The Newfoundland Herald looks back on the storied broadcasting career of veteran NTV Evening Newshour Co-Anchor Glen Carter, reflecting on a decade of memories and quotes narrated by the man himself

He is a local legend of broadcast journalism, a RTDNA East Region Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and a beloved staple of NTV’s award-winning news-team for decades. Yes, Glen Carter needs no introduction for faithful Herald readers. 

Over 40 years after beginning his tenure in broadcast journalism, and Carter is still the picture of poise, professionalism and authenticity.

Reflecting on Carter’s storied career as a newsman, The Herald looked back on our encounters with the award-winning journalist in this past decade, for a picture of a life and career. Glen Carter, in his own words.

“I think life’s too short to really get mired in the seriousness of it. I’m a really curious person. I’m always curious about things and people. I’m fascinated by both … I think a lot of that comes through in the way I present the show. I think that’s a natural element in my character that has always served me well” –  Aug 26- Sep 1, 2012

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“I got my love of television news and the art of story-telling with pictures, sound and words and never looked back.” – Dec 11-17, 2011

“We try to instill a familiarity and trust and all those words you’d attach to someone you really know and like. So if we can do that through a TV screen then we’ve done our job.

“People like to connect with personalities, feeling comfortable with the people they invite into their homes. When it’s all said and done, people like to connect with people they trust.”


“I don’t envy politicians not one little bit. I grew up with one so I know what life is like for politicians and I think I’ll stay in my own environment, in my own comfort zone, thanks.”

“(The flashy stuff) might attract more people but journalistically I don’t see a value in it. It deviates from what the commitment is, what the goal should be for journalism, which is to inform, to enlighten, to spark debate — intelligent debate, and I don’t know if entertaining, if ‘infotaining’ people, fulfills any of those things.”

“I love when a story doesn’t always go according to plan … the best things can happen spontaneously and it’s how you react to that and allow it to unfold, yet still control it as best you can, that makes for great television and that particular encounter made for great television because it was spontaneous.”

“Read. Be curious. Wonder and ask questions about what’s going on in the world. Then ask, ‘what questions drive you towards finding out what matters.” – Aug 26- Sep 1, 2012

“Broadcast journalism is an art and a calling. It takes the work of a lot of talented people to pull it off every day, against deadlines and the demand that it’s both accurate, fair and compelling.

Reporting is very rewarding but it’s very defined in how you do it and you know the steps in which you have to work. Writing fiction is different because it’s like you’re floating in space and grasping at things. It’s more of a free for all.”  – Mar 29 – April 4, 2015

“I left Newfoundland in my early twenties, but never really stopped being homesick. When the opportunity to return presented, I jumped at it.” – Feb 26 – Mar 4, 2017

“You have to have some idea of what’s going on in the world and what the day will look and feel like. That gets bred into you over the years. I’d feel naked if I went into work with no information.”

“We talk often about heroes. Parents from that generation, like my own, were true heroes.”

“I credit my beautiful wife for most things wonderful about my life and I take the blame for those things that aren’t. Just saying.”

Life. It’s always interesting, isn’t it? Particularly when the cat leads a more intriguing life than you do.” – Nov 19 – 25, 2017

“Sometimes news comes to you that way — tips and documents in brown paper envelopes. Sometimes it’s a voice at the other end of the telephone – someone who doesn’t want their name used, but who wants to get a story out there. It’s a thing about this business. One minute you’re planning your morning coffee, and the next minute you’re packing to cover a story that will be seen that night by hundreds of thousands of people.”  – Feb 17- 23, 2019

“The stories that deal with someone’s pain are the one that stand out – whether it’s a family touched by tragedy because of an impaired driver or a victim of senseless violence. Or murder. The stories about people who are victims of some cruel circumstance beyond their control are the ones that stick with me.”

“I think my father’s involvement in politics (Walter Carter) helped drive me towards journalism. They go hand in hand, and well, I wouldn’t have been a good politician.” – Mar 8 – 14, 2020

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  1. Pat Neary
    February 3, 2022

    I always enjoy Glen presenting the news. I watch each night from PEI and wish there were many more stations like NTV. I envy the people of Nfld. For getting such excellent coverage while we here in PEI are stuck with amateur night.

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