Glitter Town

The mother and daughter duo of Judy Stirling and Lydia McLaughlin spread light, love and laughter with their new to NTV series Glitter Town  


From The Real Housewives of Orange County to Glitter Town, these two ladies sparkle.  Now available in Canada exclusively on NTV,  the energetic Judy Stirling offers Herald readers an exclusive sneak peek inside the new Bravo digital series, Glitter Town co-staring her delightful daughter, Lydia McLaughlin.

“I’m passionate about family. My children and grandchildren are my pride and joys, and to be able to work with my family on Glitter Town has been a blessing,” she opened. 

‘Go for it’

The show, shot in locations throughout their California-based hometown, is simply a snapshot of them being themselves. 

“Silly. Loving. That’s who we are,”  Stirling shared. 

For Stirling, life has always been about turning dreams into reality. That isn’t about to stop as far as she’s concerned, she added enthusiastically. 

Now that Glitter Town can be enjoyed by Canadians, she’d like to bring the show to her home in Newfoundland. 

From ponies to boating

“When I have a dream, and I can usually visualize my dream into reality, I go for it. This summer I want to film in Newfoundland because, oh, my gosh, there’s just so many fun things we can do here. We can go see Newfoundland ponies or go out on a boat. The environment and the summer here, it’s just so beautiful. And the people are so very interesting. So I’m hoping that we can do some more segments of the show here in Newfoundland and have season two.”

For anyone who hasn’t seen the show yet, be prepared to be entertained, but there’s something else too. 

“I hope those watching feel inspired in some way by something that we do. Yes, we can be silly or have fun but there’s more to the show.”

Stirling’s mission, as always, is to spread light and love. 

“I think I do that. I aim to be honest all the time. I aim to be an earth angel. I want to inspire people.”

She’s been doing that for a while now. People say, online and in person, that Stirling’s light and love can do wonders. 

“Someone was having a really bad day and they posted, ‘I could really use some fairy dust.’ I did my thing. ‘Shimmer of hope, shine of belief, glisten of happiness, beauty of peace, and a pinch of humour.’ He later wrote on his Instagram, saying ‘I was having a really bad day. And this earth angel took me out of my funk.’ And I started crying because that’s what I want to do. I want to just give people a lift.”

Life, especially during pandemic times, is hard enough, she continued with empathy. 

“Just because you have anxiety or some kind of mental health issue doesn’t mean you can’t smile. It really means a lot to me to just help people who need help, just give them a little hope, give a little fairy dust sprinkle. Here’s some glitter man, just pour it all over yourself!” 

Hug a tree today

And that’s where Glitter Town comes in, she shared generously. “Glitter Town will finally be available in Canada on NTV. What I love about these shows is that they’re not just silly fun, which was my main goal – our main goal – but they actually have some depth, some meat in them too.” 

From religion to motherhood, this mother and daughter dynamic duo greet every challenge with a smile and some Stirling sparkle. 

“Take religion. I have my view on religion, like I’m hugging a tree while Lydia’s reading the Bible, but we kind of make it all come together at the end,” she said. 

Same goes for their beauty regimes. “It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do, or how you do it. In the end, it doesn’t matter because we’re all beautiful inside.”

Each segment, Stirling continued, has a message.

“I love to spread joy and hope. And if we can have good, silly fun too, then that’s all the better.” 

When we spoke, Stirling was enjoying some down time in Newfoundland. With quarantine complete from travel, she was breathing in the beauty of this place and its people. 

Family time

“Obviously times are hard right now, but hardly anyone complains. It’s just a whole different mentality. It’s just a freeness to this place. It’s always amazed and inspired me,” she said.

But, for Stirling, it’s always about family first. 

“Jesse’s (Stirling) here. And Olivia’s here and Amanda is here, so it’s nice to have family around for our little bubble for Sunday dinner. Family really completes me. Though I really miss Geoffrey and Lydia and the boys, I’m glad Scott and I get to spend some quality time with Jesse and Olivia and Amanda here in Newfoundland.” 

As for Glitter Town, any message for future viewers? “Be prepared to forget your worries and just laugh and be silly and be entertained. We all need so much of that right now, and always.”   

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