When it comes to heavin’ away me jollies, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in the country at the camper, writes Pam Pardy


Photo: Pam Pardy

Having my parents say; “you can certainly heave it out of ya, can’t ya?” is the highest form of bayman praise there is. Mom and Dad say I can “heave it out of me” anytime they’re pleased following something I’ve done that they consider worthy of more than just a pat on the back.

It could be a piece I’ve written that they’ve found particularly compelling, a television appearance where I looked and/or sounded a tad bit more than satisfactory in their eyes, or a well-done scripture reading at church. But anytime I hear; “Your father and I just said that time, ‘well now, she can certainly heave it out of her, can’t she?’” I know I’ve made them proud by giving whatever it was my all.


Well, one thing I’ve always given my all to is celebrating May 24th — the kick-off to camping season. When it comes to heavin’ away me jollies, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in the country at the camper.

With all this COVID business on the go, having to miss May 24th in the country last year was a swift and powerful gut kick. I felt like a trailer traitor. When the restrictions finally lifted, it was up to our happy place — Marine Park in Pouch Cove — for a right proper pandemic get-away. And this year, nothing has changed.

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Temps in the single digits? Best kind! No flies! A bit of rain in the forecast? Perfect! Loves it for the garden! Fog? Bring it on, buddy! Caplin’s coming! Wind? Bundle up, me duckies, and hunker down by the smokin’ campfire for warmth as you burn that first marshmallow of the year.

Deadly! Life is simply better lived in the great outdoors.

Photo: Pam Pardy


Friends and family are suddenly more tolerable when gatherings and celebrations move outside, too. Suddenly, the kiddies don’t sound quite so annoying as they run amuck amongst a backdrop of evergreens and alders. Bubbling streams drown out the annoying ‘Mom!’ mantra that’s usually heard around the house.

There’s a freedom to cooking outside, too. Whether it’s bacon for breakfast or a fish fry for supper, a feed prepared in fresh air just tastes that much better. The dogs are tired; the kids content. As for yours truly? Well, I’m just happy heavin’ the good times right outta myself on full tilt.

Life is grand lived on trailer land. As we head into the summer of 2021, even as our COVID cases rise, try and stay focused on the good. There’s so much beauty to behold and so much fun to be had in the wilds of this place we call home, so enjoy.

As my folks would enthusiastically say, just heave it outta ya! I know I will be!


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