Introducing Emily Pearl

It was in the early hours of May 15 – 6:55 a.m. to be exact – when Eddie and Susan Sheerr’s lives changed in an instant


Eddie Sheerr is rarely speechless. For a man who makes his living with words, the affable weather guru struggles through a tornado of emotions and a tsunami of feelings, as he reflects on life’s most magical moment.

It was in the early hours of May 15 – 6:55 a.m. to be exact – when Eddie and Susan Sheerr’s lives changed in an instant.

“It’s indescribable,” he says, pausing for a few seconds as he searches for the right words. “Absolutely life-altering.”

It’s a fitting description.

‘Simply perfect’

They’d carefully planned for this moment but who is really ready? Would their little girl have brown eyes like mommy and daddy? Would she have their hair colour? These questions, and so many others, were answered when Emily Pearl Sheerr made her grand arrival, just one day prior to Susan’s May 16th due date. Gently tipping the scales at six pounds and 13 ounces of pure cuteness, Emily is, according to her mommy and daddy, “simply perfect.”

It probably explains why they hold their little bundle of joy like a rare jewel. 

“She’s such a great baby. We are so in love with her,” says Susan, the picture-perfect mommy who, just weeks after giving birth, looks like she’s healthy enough to run a marathon. “And Daddy has been amazing.”

Susan, according to Eddie, was the real champion throughout the pregnancy. “Susan was amazing and seeing our daughter born is something I’ll remember forever. It’s the greatest thing that ever happened to us,” he says. “We’ve been waiting anxiously to finally meet Emily and it was so much more than we ever dreamed of.”

‘A good team’

Relaxing in the living room of their cozy Torbay home, Emily looks so peaceful and content in her little rocker. She makes the most adorable facial expressions when she sleeps and, of course, it makes her mommy and daddy smile. Although Susan admittedly hasn’t held many babies throughout her life, she sure looks comfortable with Emily tucked in her arms for an afternoon bottle. 

“We’re adjusting every day with being new parents but we’re a good team,” she says, noting they’re happily sharing bottle duties and getting “some” sleep.

“Susan is a natural,” he says. “But there was never a doubt in my mind because Susan has so much love to give.”

Much has changed in just a few short years. After arriving in Canada’s youngest province in 2013, Eddie met Susan two years later and quickly fell head over heels. They were married on Dec. 30, 2016 and quickly started planning a family. The cute couple made their pregnancy official as only a television broadcaster could do on Nov. 21, announcing it live on air. Oh, but it was so much more, an unexpected phone call during the show with mom-to-be inquiring about, you guessed it, the long-range forecast. Eddie’s answer, of course, is their baby girl, who arrived almost exactly as forecasted (well, a day early).

Emily’s arrival is big news for families on both side of the border. It’s the first grandchild for Susan’s family, who hail from Bishop’s Falls, and the third grandchild, all girls, for Eddie’s folks back in Philadelphia. “Everyone is over the moon,” says Susan, noting they’ll be plenty of visits to her small hometown in central Newfoundland.

“My brother has two daughters so we are really looking forward to introducing Emily to her cousins,” adds Eddie. “Family is very important to both of us.”

Castle Emily

Although he’s back on the green screen at NTV, Eddie’s heart is also at home nowadays, where the Sheerr abode has been transformed to Castle Emily – adorned with baby mats, a rocker, car seat, numerous toys and blankies. The nursery – painted by daddy and decorated with a unicorn theme by mommy – has been ready for months. Eddie’s rowing buddies – his NTV crew – also jumped in to help.

Rowing, you see, is also a big part of Eddie’s life. His NTV men’s crew has been a perennial contender in recent years, making it to the championship race over the past three years – finishing third in 2016. The crew trains daily, has been in the gym since November and are gunning for their best finish at the 2019 Royal St. John’s Regatta. That’s an ambitious schedule when you consider he’s also career-driven as NTV’s popular chief meteorologist. 

‘Finding balance’

“Obviously, family comes first so it’s a matter of finding that balance right now. But I’m looking forward to bringing her down to the pond to meet everyone and to show her how much daddy likes to row,” says Sheerr, who trains twice a day with the NTV crew, ergs/weights in the morning and an evening spin on the lake.

Susan, who’s been a competitive skater since she was just four years old, is taking a well-deserved year away from the sport but hopes to share her love of figure skating with Emily. “We’re both pretty active so she won’t be bored,” Eddie says with a smile.

For now, Mommy and Daddy are focusing much of their attention on the star of their family. In a world of technology, the new parents aren’t missing a thing – literally. And it’s adorable. Eddie actually has a phone app that doubles as a baby monitor – measuring everything from nap times to feedings. “We don’t want to miss a thing,” teases Eddie, adding he’s trying his best to read the baby maps to get the best short and long-range forecasts.

Jokes aside, it’s a joyous time for the Sheerr family, full of sunshine and happy forecasts.

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  1. Maxine Penney
    June 13, 2019

    Congratulations. She is beautiful. A Gift from our creator ,God.

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