‘It Fills My Heart’

Eddie & Susan Sheerr share what life’s like once the very popular and beloved NTV weather-go-to-guy is off air and heads home to family


NTV’s Chief Meteorologist Eddie Sheerr was visiting family in the states, there to celebrate American Thanksgiving, when we spoke via Skype for The Herald’s cover story. Wife Susan was home alone with the two wee ones, Emily and Allie, for a few days and it – understandably – took her a few extra minutes to be able to join in on our call.

Bittersweet reunion

“It’s bittersweet being here. I’m happy, it’s been 635 days since my last visit, and it’s great to see everyone, but I miss my girls,” he said sincerely. 

Susan, with her hair in a practical though preciously sweet mom-approved pinned-up ponytail, sighed – just a little.

“There’s lots of bittersweet when you have kids. It’s been hectic heading into the holidays, but of course it’s going to be a fun year because Emily’s really excited. She’s talking about Santa. She’s already excited seeing the lights up and so she’s aware of what’s going on this year. Allie, of course, won’t be – she’s too young –but we’re excited,” Susan said.

‘Life in general’

Eddie nodded. “It’s fun just to have the girls around. But life in general, with the two of them at the age they are, is hectic,” he admitted.

Still, the two of them are nothing if not grateful and blessed. 

“It’s different with two and it’s different going through the baby/newborn stage again because we learned so much with Emily. So there’s a lot less panic when it comes to settling Allie when she needs something. But, you know, as Susan said too, it’s hectic, because the difficulty level hasn’t gone up by a factor of one. It’s gone up by a factor of like 10.”

The two of them laugh – one only a parent can get. As a mom myself, I feel their joy as well as their parental pain.  

What’s it like to be state-side visiting family after such a long time away? “Indescribable,” Eddie said. 

The last time he saw his nieces, they were one and three. Now Maddie and Riley seem so grown up, he shared.  

“The differences in them now are just incredible. And it was like, ‘wow.’ It did my heart so good – filled it – to get to see them and hold them and hug them again and spend time with them. And I don’t know if I really was able to fully comprehend how much I missed them.”

Giving thanks

Still, there’s that ease of settling back in with family that so many of us who have lived away know. “It’s also strange because, on the one hand, it’s been a while since I’ve been home. On the other hand, like it just feels like everything was on pause and that we just resumed everything. It fills my heart. It’s weird. It’s very strange. This whole pandemic has been very strange.”

While he’s there to celebrate Thanksgiving, hanging out is important too. 

“It’s just good to see my nieces and my brother and to be together with my parents.”

Of course travelling with two small girls wasn’t wise, so they are at home with Susan. How’s she doing?


While Eddie’s away

“Mom has been here helping out on-and-off since Allie’s been born, and she’s here this week while Eddie’s away. So that’s been a great help because of course, we don’t have any family on the Avalon. So having the two children with just myself and Eddie has been difficult, and having a toddler in daycare who’s always sick and trying to balance all that has been difficult,” she shared honestly. 

Eddie, who is obviously still suffering from a handed-over head cold, smiles at his wife over our Skype call.

Finding the time

Eddie is passionate about his family. He’s also very passionate about the weather, though he admits it can be difficult to balance it all.

“It’s challenging to find the time that I would like to have for posting about weather and getting the most out of my workday. Emily, at least a little bit, is getting a bit easier to parent. But Allie is, obviously, very, very little still. And so, the two of them, and Susan too, have to be a priority and parenting needs to come first. I know that people rely on me,  but I’m a one man show and there’s only so many hours in the day.” 

Eat, drink & be merry

Anything special planned for the holidays? “Survive,” Eddie said. We all laugh. “Eat, drink and be merry,” Susan added in a way that really said ‘they’ll not be much time for any of that.’ Some ‘I hear ya’’ and ‘been there’ laughter.  

“We’re just honestly trying to survive right now, you know? These few days without me is really hard on Susan. It’s tough on your own. She’s got her hands full and I’m very appreciative that I’m able to go down and see my family while she does it all.”

Teaming up

Their only wish? To get through the holidays by “teaming up.” 

“We will be a good team and will be a good parental team. But, you know, essentially, like anything else right now, it’s just about survival and getting through the days. You know, anyone with newborns will tell you, it’s not that easy much of the time,” Eddie said.

The Sheerr’s share they feel the love from the community.  NTV viewers always support their family, they say.

“We would like to, first of all, say thank you for all the kind words and well-wishes. It means a lot to Susan and I. You know, it’s hard to put into words how people have welcomed me and welcomed Susan and our family into their homes every night and really made us part of their extended families. So it does mean a lot and we are very appreciative of it.”

But then, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are known for their kindness, Eddie continued. “Newfoundland and Labrador is a lovely place for that. Everyone is very close knit and a tight group. And even if you’re not family, you feel like family, and that’s part of what I love about the province.” 

‘We are done!’

Susan says she shares in her husband’s sentiment regarding caring viewers.

“Just thank you for all the love and support. It’s great to see it and growing up in Newfoundland, I’m not surprised by that because  I’ve seen it before, but it is nice to feel it. So just a big thank you to everyone. The love and support really helps.”

There’s one more thing they feel compelled to share. “Oh. Tell everyone from us, ‘this is it! Two is plenty! We are done!’” Susan added with a laugh.

“No. There won’t be a third,” Eddie shared, adding; “We’re done here. We have two healthy girls who are, knock on wood, really amazing. We will stop at this point. We’re good.” 


2 thoughts on “‘It Fills My Heart’

  1. Frances Warrick
    December 17, 2021

    Merry Christmas to a beautiful family and a new baby at Christmas? How great is that…..
    I enjoy following your weather show every night Eddie. Best ever.
    Happy listener
    Frances Warrick
    Paradise NL

  2. Andrea Butt
    December 18, 2021

    Merry Christmas to your beautiful family and all the best in the new year. Stay safe.

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