Jeremy Bennett


Without missing a step, Jeremy Bennett returns to inspiring others with his positivity and high-energy words.

By Jason Sheppard

For the first time in two years, on June 8th, NL author and motivational speaker Jeremy Bennett stood in front of an audience of 100 listeners and delivered a solid 90-minute presentation. Watching him, you’d have thought he’d been doing this every week since the winter of 2020.

“It was great to be up here speaking tonight,” Bennett told The Herald minutes after his event held at the Comfort Inn had ended. While the audience was milling about, discussing what they had taken in, Bennett summed up the experience as “fantastic.”

Indeed, Bennett’s first live event since the first COVID-19 lockdown two years ago was filled with excitement, and it was a night the speaker had been looking forward to for a long time.

“This was a wonderful crowd,” he said. “They were all willing to learn, and I could see they were here for the right reasons.”

Bennett, the author of three best-selling books (Calm Your Mind, The Power of The Mind: How I Beat OCD, and The Solution) dedicated the bulk of his presentation to the TLM (“Top Line Mind”) Method of Thinking which he says, “can help create the correct mindset to help you achieve your goals.”

The positive thinker/speaker spoke about topics such as how positive vs. negative thinking affects our decisions, learning to calm anxiety, creating effective ways to attain goals, and how the subconscious mind affects us. And reminding ourselves of what it is we want in life.


And during those 90-minutes, Bennett had every member in that audience hanging onto his every word, who lauded his message after it was over.

“I thought it was a fantastic and enlightening event,” said Nathan Peters of AON Insurance, one of the local businesses on hand to hear Bennett speak. “He (Bennett) spoke about things you don’t think of every day. The things he spoke about we can implement in life going forward.”

One crucial topic audience members felt Bennett talked was about paying attention to our mindset.

“Jeremy gave a resounding message on how important our mindsets are to succeed or failing and meeting our goals,” says Velma Budgell of Royal LePage Vision Realty.

“Positivity and seeing the right things are so important, but our mind has to be in sync with everything that we’re seeing. If our mindset is negative or in the wrong place, then that’s what we’re going to see. If we’re in a good mindset, and we see an opportunity.

“It’s life! Life is tough and how we handle life depends upon our mindset lots of times.”