‘Like A Warm Hug’: The Iceberg Alley B&B

No matter where you choose to stay, dine or unwind in Newfoundland, each welcome is warm and each experience staggeringly splendid

So far this summer, The Newfoundland Herald has had the divine pleasure of staying in and visiting some spectacular establishments. From dinners and delights in a barn-like setting in Green’s Harbour to cod tongues devoured in Dildo, this has been a staycation summer to remember. 

In this special tourism feature in our commemorative Herald edition that celebrates Elvis, we thought we’d highlight a few spots that left us “all shook up” from excitement visiting with some tourism folks who make each stay and experience with them feel like the most incredible warm hug! 

Iceberg Alley B&B ~ Twillingate

Danny and Wendy Andrews, the owners of Iceberg Alley B&B, have tourism down to an art. First of all, Twillingate is one of the top tourist destinations in the province and Iceberg Alley is one of the most spectacular looking premises in the area. 

From the outside eye-catching architecture and the what-dreams-are-made-of deck to the warm and fuzzy hand-knit slippers that await each guest upon entry, this is a stop-over to add to any staycation bucket list. Wendy and Danny are proud of their B&B (rightfully so!), but they’re also filled with passion about the history of their property. 

Built on the foundation of the old Salvation Army Church, Iceberg Alley boasts eight spectacular room names that pays tribute to the regions nautical roots.

The Dory, Dingy, Rodney, Schooner, Punt and more each equally delight any guest who is lucky enough to stay. But Iceberg isn’t the only property these two welcome come from aways and locals alike in! Andrews by the Sea in Blow-Me-Down is also a passion project of this dynamic duo. So what is it about Twillingate that draws tourists in? It’s the place and the people, they share. 

“It’s the beauty of everything that gets the interest. When people come here it’s because they have an intent of coming here because it’s not right off of the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s out of your way,” Danny said. “People that come here, they’ve heard about it, they’ve seen something on it. And tourists come a long way to get here,” he added. 

Wendy smiles. “And don’t just come for a day either,” she warned. 

Why not? Simply because there’s so much to see and do and to love about the region! And a stay with Wendy and Danny at Iceberg is the perfect place for an extended stay. “For the last few years, people have been going to cabins and cottages to avoid others because of the need for staying in our bubbles,” Wendy said.  

But now? People are “starving” for contact with others, and a stay in a Bed & Breakfast is the perfect cure-all, she added. “When people come in they know Danny and I are glad to see them and we are thrilled to have them back or to have them visit for the first time. It’s like getting a great big warm hug when you stay in a Bed & Breakfast, and we pride ourselves on being great huggers!”

For more pick up next week’s NL Herald or visit icebergalley.squarespace.com