Music Spotlight: The Sharecroppers

Celebrating 30 years as a Newfoundland folk trio, The Sharecroppers return at the Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival in Gros Morne this May


Three decades into their careers as ambassadors for Newfoundland and Labrador’s culture and music, The Sharecroppers have much to celebrate. 

The three-piece of Ed Humber, Guy Romaine and Mike Madigan celebrate 30 years of The Sharecroppers in 2018, commemorating the occasion at home with a performance at the Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival in Gros Morne on May 23rd. 

Three Loved Albums

“It’s always a pleasure to sing to fellow Newfoundlanders because our songs and lyrics can really resonate with them,” Madigan shared reflectively with The Herald. “Plus it’s still always fun to meet Newfoundlanders who say, “You know, I’ve heard that One Room School song or Mill Whistle song since the early nineties, but I didn’t know it was you guys!”

From representing Newfoundland and Labrador tourism around the world, to entertaining thousands on cruise ships, coach tours and venues across the globe, to releasing three loved albums Natural, This New Founde Lande, and Home, Boys!, The Sharecroppers have endured through sheer passion and a camaraderie that binds the three retired school teachers to this day.

“I think it’s the friendship we three have had as neighbours, teachers and as musicians,” Madigan says as the secret to the band’s longevity. “And it’s the quality of writing the songs. All three of us have written. They’re well-written lyrics to likeable tunes.”

Family’s Blessing

The band even attracted the interest from Mr. Geoff Stirling himself, founder of NTV, OZFM and The Newfoundland Herald. “We always felt pleased he saw in our lyrics and music something that made him proud as a Newfoundlander,” Madigan shared. “We appreciate the Stirling family’s blessing.”

More-so than any celebrated single or sold out concert, The Sharecroppers have always been fiercely loud and proud Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, and have carried that banner with pride for 30 years and counting.

“Both Ed and myself have seen the musical Come From Away on Broadway. It’s the same feeling to know Newfoundlanders are respected and loved all around!” says Madigan. “We’re proud to be from Newfoundland and our songs tell of this.”

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  1. May 30, 2020

    Today May 30/2020…..Re-reading this article 2 years later because someone in Toronto pointed it out to me. Thanks! Yes, well,… our 32nd year is a bit of a bust…as no cruise ships nor coach tours are coming. But we’ll be around for year 33 as the world gets back to normal……I hope!!! Thanks to the Nfld Herald for writing this article. See you all next summer! Mike of The Sharecroppers of Nfld at and [email protected]

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