NEWS | SJSEL and DSE Reach Agreement for the Return of the Newfoundland Growlers

St. John’s Sports & Entertainment (“SJSEL”) and Deacon Sports and Entertainment (“DSE”) have reached an agreement for the return of the Newfoundland Growlers to the Mary Brown’s Centre, effective November 18, 2021.

The investigation respecting complaints as between employees of SJSEL and DSE is ongoing.

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SJSEL states there were never any allegations of a physical or sexual nature. Neither players nor coaches of the Newfoundland Growlers are involved in the allegations in any way. SJSEL and DSE are both committed to a respectful workplace and are committed to respectful social media use.

The agreement between SJSEL and DSE includes:

  • Provisions for an autonomous operational committee comprising representatives from both SJSEL and DSE to support operational requirements and obligations under the lease agreement;
  • Operational stability for the remainder of the three-year lease agreement to support the Newfoundland Growlers’ continued access to the Mary Brown’s Centre for hockey operations;
  • Agreement to support a media blackout with respect to the workplace harassment investigation and arbitration as well as promotion of respectful social media commentary;
  • Continuation of the arbitration commenced by DSE against SJSEL.

The Newfoundland Growlers and SJSEL staff are working together to confirm and roll out ticketing for the return of the Growlers to the Mary Brown’s Centre. More information will be communicated to fans, sponsors, and community partners in the coming days.

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