NL ARTS | Ian Foster to Release Film & Album ‘Close to the Bone’

Award-winning singer-songwriter, producer, composer, director and all-around talented artist Ian Foster is fixing to release his ambitious project Close to the Bone, what he describes as a hybrid film and music project.

Close to the Bone is a true hybrid film and music project,” shared Foster in an exclusive statement to The Herald.

“Written concurrently over the last few years, the film features over half of the new album’s music and that music helps to tell the film’s story about family, chronic illness and how one wishes to be remembered.”

Starring Alison Moira Kelly, Bridget Wareham, Darryl Hopkins, Des Walsh and directed by Foster himself, Close to the Bone, the film, will launch at the Nickel Independent Film Festival this June, with an album on deck for the latter part of 2022.

“I’m excited to start the project’s journey right here at home at the Nickel Film Festival, running in St. John’s from June 13-19. After the last few years, it will be great to be back in a theatre, experiencing the film with others in person.”

For more information on Close to the Bone and the Nickel Independent Film Festival visit and

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