NTV Evening Newshour: A Team Effort

The award-winning NTV Evening Newshour combines an unmatched professionalism and drive for excellence with news coverage that people care about.


The old adage that the proof is in the pudding is one that can fall on deaf ears if not applied correctly. In the case of the fine folks that make up the beating heart of NTV’s flagship Evening Newshour, well, you can say that a thriving fan base and ratings dominance reinforce years of hard work and attention to detail.

With the seasoned anchor tandem  of Lynn Burry and Glen Carter, Chief Meteorologist Eddie Sheerr and an ace support staff that makeup the life-blood of this province’s most trusted name in news, the NTV Evening Newshour continues to be the gold standard in which modern media should strive to achieve.

“I think team effort is the accurate way  to describe the work that goes into our newscast each day,” shares anchor and senior producer Lynn Burry. “We all have a job to do. We’re kind of like links in a chain. One gets strength from the other. If the reporters don’t do a good job, the anchors don’t look good and vice versa.”

‘So Much to Cover’

“NTV’s news team is, in my opinion, the hardest working crew in the business – from our trusted anchors and reporters to our talented production crew,” shares NTV’s Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Dwyer. “It’s incredible the amount of news content our station manages to deliver to viewers each and every day.

The NTV Evening Newshour, from covering the courts and the province’s legislature to spot news and general assignment, there’s so much to cover. Thankfully, our news team is one of the most experienced and respected in the industry.”

From political and economic ebs and flows, to breaking news, crime and legislature, entertainment hits and everything in between, the NTV brand has long tapped into the pulse of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

That ability to stay up on current trends, and to serve up important coverage that connects to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, has resulted in NTV cementing themselves as the number one news broadcast on the island. That did not come without hard work and learning from struggle, says Burry.

Trust & Loyalty 

“Don’t ever forget how you became number one,” says the beloved anchor. “We did it through hard work and luckily people were paying attention. Most people in the province now watch our news and 25 years ago that was not the case. We have earned trust and loyalty. People depend on us to keep them informed and it’s a big responsibility. A responsibility we never take lightly.”

Dwyer, a respected journalist who plied his trade at The Newfoundland Herald for years before becoming a key player at NTV, echoes his colleagues sentiments, though is quick to note that ratings success, while always a huge source of pride, come second to delivering the best news coverage possible to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

“It’s always a challenge to stay on top and we have tremendous respect for our competition. However, that’s not what motivates us. Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive news package to our viewers,” Dwyer explained.

“They depend on us to bring them the stories that matter, not just hard news but also the stories that celebrate the people who make this province great – our entertainers, athletes and business people. For instance, Kaetlyn Osmond’s recent Olympic greatness was a story the entire province celebrated and we were in her hometown of Marystown to share their pride.

“So, yes, we are grateful that viewers continue to make us the province’s top-rated newscast and most-watched show, but we take the honour very seriously. It’s where we want to stay and, thanks to a very talented team, I’m confident we can stay on top.”

Secret to Success?

Is there some secret to the success of the NTV Evening Newshour? Some ancient formula or totem that every member from anchor to cameraman and producer follow as gospel?

“I don’t know if there are any secrets,” Burry laughs. “Hard work and good news coverage are the keys to our success. Having said that, we also enjoy a little laugh with Eddie. We can have fun too. Last night, on the air, Eddie talked about his new electric snow shovel. I heard about it for the first time when the viewers did and it was so funny. Nothing rehearsed just genuine fun!”

As for Dwyer, genuine hard-working people are as crucial to a recipe for a successful broadcast as anything. It is those people, from those in-front of the camera to the unsung heroes who make everything tick, that truly make the NTV Evening Newshour a cut above.

“Talent, to me, is so important, as is hard work. When you have that combination, success follows,” Dwyer said.  “Our news and  production teams are multi-talented and that versatility makes us so strong. Our reporters are also anchors, our production crew can not only deliver an award-winning product, but they can adjust so quickly to breaking news.

“But it starts with talent and we have plenty of that at NTV. It’s a pleasure to work alongside such a talented team and it makes me proud to watch the product we deliver day in and day out.”

NTV Evening Newshour, Weeknights at 6:00PM;  Following NTV NEWs: First Edition at 5:30PM

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