A unique downtown cafe has become the cat’s meow when it comes to spreading pawsitivity, serving up not only sweet treats and beverages, but a good ol’ dose of pussy-cat love


Colin Eddy and his husband fell in love with the concept of a cat cafe while travelling the world. ‘‘We were living in the Czech Republic for a year and as we were travelling around Europe we noticed most cities had a cat cafe,’’ Eddy begins. Looking at what their next chapter might involve, he and his husband began having conversations about bringing the cuddly concept to St. John’s when they returned.

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They decided they would give it a try and opened the Mad Catter Cafe at 124 Duckworth Street a year ago. It’s been a puur-fect success story.

The couple work with shelter cats, housing them in the cafe until someone falls in love while sipping their beverage and interacting with the friendly felines. It’s a delightful way to spend some time, and an amazing opportunity to meet a potential new family member.

‘‘We’ve had 103 adoptions so far. I don’t want to speak too soon, but possibly 104, which is great because we would be finding a (fur-ever) home for our longest resident.’’

The pride is evident on Eddy’s face as he watches clients of all ages interact with the cafe’s many furry friends.

‘‘It’s been really rewarding to see the success that we’ve had with the adoption rates because we didn’t really know what to expect going into it. Finding homes for 100 cats is a pretty significant number and we’re quite proud.’’


Clients come from all walks of life. Some are looking for a new friend to take home while others are simply curious. Others love cats, but for a variety of reasons can’t have one in their home. Some bring the kids and spend a few hours during what they call Happy Meoowr, while others simply come for coffee and snacks. Whatever the reason, it’s a win/win.

‘‘It’s a really great opportunity, especially if someone is thinking about adopting a cat, to see how their kids react before they adopt one. Others come to study or they just want to hang out with the cats.’’

Speaking of hanging out with cats, the cafe has a large team of enthusiastic volunteers who love to hang out with the kitties, sharing any personality traits they’ve picked up with inquiring-minded cafe clientele. Today, Isabelle is volunteering, smiling ear-to-ear as the stars of the article – the cats – get their pictures taken.


Besides the cat company, the good food and the delightful coffee, there’s also special events hosted from time to time at the Mad Catter.

Want to colour and sip wine while cuddling a purring cat? You can! How about meditation and yoga (downward cat, anyone?) Check! ‘‘We try and host a series of different events that focus on relaxation and wellness. Winter can be a hard time for everyone, especially with the weather that we have here,’’ says Eddy.

The cats take over as only a cat can. Playful one moment, sly side-eye the next. On your lap one second, then hanging from a basket high on the wall in the blink of an eye.  Eddy laughs. ‘‘My days are never dull,’’ he says. No doubt his life is now the cat’s meow.


For more, visit madcattercafe.com or follow them on Facebook

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